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ENTTEC S-Play DMX Recorder / Editor / Playback

Model: 70092

ENTTEC S-Play DMX Recorder / Editor / Playback
ENTTEC S-Play DMX Recorder / Editor / Playback
ENTTEC S-Play DMX Recorder / Editor / Playback
ENTTEC S-Play DMX Recorder / Editor / Playback
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About: ENTTEC S-Play DMX Recorder / Editor / Playback

With a built-in effects generator and intuitive, onboard controls to record, edit, schedule and play cues, you don’t have to be an experienced lighting designer or systems integrator to conjure up amazing performances using the S-PLAY, but your audience will think you are. Plug and play show technology has never before looked so good, or been this easy to master.

With countless applications from theatrical or entertainment events to architectural design and smart home integrations, S-PLAY is the dream companion for any automation project.


Use the web interface or an Art-Net trigger to record up to 32 eDMX Universes through either sACN or ArtNet, or two physical universes using the S-PLAY’s rear DMX ports in addition to creating static scenes using the web interface.


Using the intuitive timeline editor, multiple recordings and scenes can be stitched together while adding triggers and events to allow the S-PLAY to integrate into the heart of any control system.


Play back multiple shows simultaneously from the internal scheduler, or when triggered in real time by building automation software (e.g. Control4), iPad Apps, pressure pads, motion detectors, push buttons and much more!

First and foremost, the S-PLAY was designed to be your go-to unit for the playback of LED pixel shows, which is why – in addition to the two DMX ports that can be assigned as outputs for your more traditional DMX fixtures – the S-PLAY also features the ability to playback sequences via sACN or Art-Net.

By using a combination of products such as the Pixelator Mini, Pixel Octo, or Triton to fit your required output, you can easily expand your options to get up to 32U of pixel control. Alternatively, connect a pair of Storm 8s or Datagate MK2s for DMX output. Still need more universes? Just add more S-PLAYs!

But S-PLAY is far more versatile than you might imagine. With its ability to coordinate and control the many different components of an entire performance, S-PLAY allows you to integrate so much more than just lighting into your project.


With the ability to create and name up to 128 events, you can use relays or RS232 to activate equipment as part of a live show or sequence, such as curtains or hydraulic effects that need to operate at a precisely-calculated moment.

What’s more, triggers can be used to generate short bursts of Art-Net, DMX, or sACN data to control fog machines or fans as well as lights with a higher priority than all active playlists. An event in one playlist can even be used to activate a trigger in another S-PLAY unit! The only true limit to the variety of external factors you can control using S-PLAY is your imagination.


In the event that an external device fails (preventing the triggering of an event within the S-PLAY), you can override and advance your playlist manually by simply pressing ‘play’ on either the intuitive LCD or web interface … and your show will continue as if nothing had gone wrong!

The S-PLAY’s robust 1U half-width hardware allows for surface, truss and half-width rack mounting straight out of the box thanks to its innovative design (optional rack ears included).

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