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Leasing is pleased to offer Leasing options!

Leasing Benefits

Conserve Cash
Leasing allows you to conserve cash and leverage up the buying power of your operating or capital budgets and overcome budget limitations. A $30,000 annual equipment budget is leveraged up considerably through leasing.

100% Financing
100% financing is achieved. Unlike most traditional financing, in most cases you do not make any down payment on the structure.

No Pre-Payment of Taxes
You pay GST or HST on rentals based on your monthly lease payment, not up-front.

Preserve Lines of Credit
Valuable cash and lines of credit are preserved to grow your business. No one in business experiences financial difficulty because they have too much cash.

Pay as You Profit
You establish equipment costs in today's dollars, and pay these costs incrementally in inflated future dollars, as the equipment is used. You can add extra equipment and accessories for very small monthly costs.

Simple, Convenient Process
The process is simple and convenient. You achieve 'one-stop' shopping for the equipment and financing. Credit approval and lease documentation is uncomplicated and can be completed very quickly.

Tailored Payments
Repayment can be tailored to your cash flow. Budgeting is simple.

Our Leasing Partner has partnered with Equilease Corp. which offers a variety of leasing options and has the ability to approve deals within 15 minutes. 

In addition to the best service, lowest interest rates and the quickest approvals, which differentiate Equilease from the competition, you will have the flexibility to control the turnover and cost of your equipment.

For example, you can respond to market upswings by:
• Quickly acquiring new equipment when it is needed
• Getting a lease approved in 15 minutes (banks often take days – or weeks)
• Upgrading equipment by returning it and trading up
• Making small monthly payments rather than take a loan or have a huge cash outlay

Leasing improves productivity, profitability and cash flow.

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