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Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth

Model: 03620490

Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth
Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth
Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth
Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth
Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth
Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth
Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth
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About: Peavey PVXp 15 Bluetooth

The PVXp 15 Bluetooth features a reliable bi-amped power section that provides a total of 980 Watts of peak dynamic power with DSP-based compression and limiting. This enclosure features a 15” heavy-duty woofer with a 2 3/8 inch voice coil and 50 ounce magnet, and the RX14 compression driver with a 1.4 inch titanium diaphragm on a 100 degree horizontal x 50 degree vertical pattern asymmetrical horn. The PVXp 15 Bluetooth provides two channels with a balanced input via a combination jack that accepts balanced TRS 1/4 inch input as well as a balanced XLR input. A switch is provided to change between line level gain and mic level gain. A third channel is for a Bluetooth source, or alternatively a 1/8” AUX input jack. Each channel has an adjustable Level control and a three-band EQ section. There is a balanced output, a Male XLR, that can feed the mixed signals from the three channels out to another component. A front baffle LED indicator can be set to light when power is on, and when the “soft-limiting” DDT circuit is activated, or it can be turned off altogether. The LCD display and EQ presets, along with other DSP operating parameters, are accessed via a one-knob selector.

Asymmetrical Quadratic Wave Guide Horn

Our proprietary horn designs are mathematically proven to create cleaner and clearer high end by eliminating distortion commonly found in competitors' designs. The exclusive asymmetrical horn allows the audio to be projected only where it’s needed, not where it’s not. This technology allows louder perceived volume with the reduced feedback and unwanted reflections. 

Ready for Installations

Peavey takes its flying hardware seriously. When speakers are suspended over an audience or performer, they can be dangerous if they are not designed properly. Our PVXp enclosures are factory designed to “fly,” and when they are installed properly with our VM 70 brackets, they can be flown safely in both horizontal and vertical configurations.

Quality Build

Quality components are what separate Peavey from off-brand enclosures. Our molded materials are rated for safety from a number of agencies, and we use extra thick walls to improve the enclosure's bass response. These features cannot be seen, but make a big difference in safety and performance.

True-Power Ratings

There are no standards when it comes to today’s power ratings. Many competitors have lost sight of any objectivity in their power ratings, claiming ratings that are several times their actual power. With Peavey you can count on one thing: power that will outperform. All you have to do is listen! Louder, clearer and more reliable, that is the Peavey promise. Don’t be fooled by ridiculous power ratings — we've been making speakers longer than most of our competitors have been in business.

Advanced DSP

The new PVXp includes the most advanced digital signal processing to date. Using high sample rates and quality AD converters, our processing provides a wide variety of EQ and presets. Not only does our technology allow the user to customize EQ settings and save presets, it allows Peavey to optimize performance using tools such as loudness compensation to maximize performance, clarity and volume.

Bluetooth Audio In and Remote Control

Our speakers combine the latest technology to allow both remote control via iOS app and Bluetooth audio streaming in. Nothing has ever been easier, control, playback, adjust volume and EQ, all from your iOS device.


  • Two-way bi-amped sound reinforcement enclosure
  • RX14 compression driver, with 1.4 inch titanium diaphragm
  • Reliable fan-cooled power amps with DSP protection
  • Total of 980W peak dynamic power
  • DSP control for precise crossover, EQ and limiting functions
  • Bluetooth input is via a dedicated input channel
  • Mix/Thru Output is via a male XLR jack
  • Durable plastic injection-molded trapezoidal enclosure
  • Extra angled section on right side allows floor monitor use
  • Pole mount molded-in for 1 3/8” diameter poles
  • Top, bottom and right side flying point inserts
  • 15” heavy-duty woofer with 2 3/8” voice coil & 50 oz. magnet
  • Full-coverage heavy-duty perforated steel grilles, with powder coat finish
  • DSP I/O is at 48 kHz and 24 bits, internal processing is 56 bit double-precision
  • Peavey’s Quadratic Throat Waveguide technology, 100 by 50 degree coverage
  • Asymmetrical horn aims the sound down 10 degrees, at the audience, not over their heads
  • Analog input is via a combo female XLR and 1/4” TRS phone jack with balanced input
  • Three channels in total, two for analog, and one for Bluetooth or AUX input via a 1/8” jack
  • Each channel has a level control and a 3-band EQ section to adjust and shape the input signals

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Digital Effect Devices and Keyboards and MIDI Controllers: 1 year
Microphones: 2 years
Speaker Components (incl.. speakers, baskets, drivers, diaphragm replacement kits and passive crossovers): 1 year
Amplifiers, Pre-Amplifiers, Mixers, Electronic Crossovers and Equalizers: 2 years