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Fitness Audio E-Mic Headset (Blue / Shure)

Model: EM1-BL-SH

Fitness Audio E-Mic Headset (Blue / Shure)
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About: Fitness Audio E-Mic Headset (Blue / Shure)

E-mic is the best medium-use microphone designed for true fitness professionals for under $200 (retail).  Built to the specifications set forth by Aerobic Microphones Australia for lite to medium fitness use (rated up to 20 classes per week for 1 year against sweat death),  the E-mic has multiple features that make it more fitness worthy than the standard version mics manufactured for other companies.  The E-mic is a clean and clear sounding noise canceling microphone and can be used in the most acoustic challenging rooms.

E-mic is also available in multiple colors for facilities that want to track mic usage per system or room, tie-in with a specific event or program, or want to match room or facility colors or decor.

E-mics can be terminated for Fitness Audio Brand, Shure, Telex, A-T, Samson, AKG, Nady, Sony, Sennheiser, and other brands of transmitter packs.


  • Shure TA4F Connector for use with Shure Bodypacks
  • Water Immersion Screens provide better capsule protection
  • Super Steel Cable ensures better fitness performance
  • Shorter Boom Arm guarantees better fit and increased durability
  • Noise Canceling Element for rooms with poor acoustics
  • Boom Arm Position Piece strengthens the boom joint to avoid the "droops" 
  • Epoxied Boom Arm - strengthens and sweat-protects boom joint
  • Epoxied Spot Fills provide added sweat protection throughout the mic
  • 1 year - 20 classes per week warranty
  • Cable Strain Relief on headband
  • Color Choices - For Multi-Room &/or Rotation Purposes  

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