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Fitness Audio Aerolink Bluetooth Receiver

Model: AL-3.0

Fitness Audio Aerolink Bluetooth Receiver
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About: Fitness Audio Aerolink Bluetooth Receiver

AeroLink - Your Wireless Bluetooth music receiver enables you to stream music from your phone, tablet, or computer to your sound system.  No messy cables, broken dock jacks or finding a suitable input on a confusing sound system.  Just link and play - that simple.  The AeroLink comes with a Rack Mount Kit to secure it into your audio rack and easily plugs into your sound system like any professional CD player.  Once in place, never worry about cables, docks, or confusing inputs again.  The Aerolink has multiple ID’s (1-5) so you can use more than one in a facility and always know which one you are pairing to.  Removable antenna option allows for best transmission and you can even extend the range while tucking away the unit in an AV closet for security.  We have also included a remote Link option so the Link button can be extended to an optional wall panel via CAT 6

How does it work?

Just plug the AeroLink into your sound system like you would a CD player, turn it on, press the blue link button on the front of the ALS 3.0, go to the Bluetooth settings on your phone, tablet, or computer and click ‘discoverable’, choose ‘Aerolink1-5’ (depending on which you are standing in front of - That is it - you are linked and ready to play any audio from your device.  When you are finished, just disconnect from your device, or tap the Link button, or walk away - distance will disengage the pairing or press the blue link button again to reset the pairing.

Bluetooth technology is built on a ‘hand shake’ meaning that once a device is paired to the AeroLink, another device cannot cut in until the AeroLink (or the paired device) releases the link - meaning there won’t be any interruptions from other Bluetooth devices in the room.

Quick Look:

  • Easy Push Button Set-up
  • Aerolinks are numbered 1-5 for setting up multi units per club without confusing which to pair to
  • Antenna mounting Front or Back - or - optional remote antenna
  • Remote Pairing station switch for equipment room hiding and setting up a remote access point via CAT 6 with Optional wall plate with blue button switch or remote antenna and blue button
  • Front ON/Off Switch
  • Dual RCA and Single TRS 1/4 Outputs (balanced Mono)
  • Includes Rack Mount Kit
  • Optional Rack Bridge sold separately - pairs AeroLink with a Fitness Audio Receiver (below)
  • Optional Power Split Jack - Y cable to share Power with a Fitness Audio Receiver

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