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Owl Labs Meeting Owl 3 Huddle Camera & Speaker

Model: OWL MTW300-1000

Owl Labs Meeting Owl 3 Huddle Camera & Speaker
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About: Owl Labs Meeting Owl 3 Huddle Camera & Speaker

The Meeting Owl 3 is our premium 360° camera, mic, and speaker device that creates the most immersive meeting experience for hybrid teams and classrooms.. Create an immersive hybrid meeting experience in any space with the intelligent 360° camera, mic, and speaker that gets smarter over time.


  • See and hear everything with 360° in-room video and audio and the upgraded Owl Intelligence System (OIS) that uses computer vision to automatically focus on whoever is speaking
  • Eliminates friction with a plug and play meeting setup and start to support most video conferencing platforms including, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet
  • WiFi-enabled to get smarter over time through continuous software innovations and feature launches to the Owl Intelligence System
  • Connect to a second Meeting Owl through Owl Connect or to an Expansion Mic to support meetings in larger spaces
  • Pairs with collaborative room solutions: the Whiteboard Owl, and the Meeting HQ.


  • Meet faster: From unboxing to your first meeting in 6+ minutes
  • Effortless updates: Gets smarter with OTA updates in 2 minutes flat
  • Adaptable tech: Expands to spaces up to 28 ft with two Meeting Owls
  • Better meetings: Quicker and smoother speaker transitions with speaker detection in 3 seconds or less


  • AI-powered Owl Intelligence System to intelligently focus on whoever is speaking
  • Intelligently autofocuses on the active speaker using vision, voice, and motion
  • Options for presenter enhancement, digital whiteboarding capabilities, and different camera controls to customize your meeting experience
  • Ability to pair two Meeting Owl 3s or Pros using Owl Connect to expand video and audio coverage in larger rooms


  • Plug and play connection to host computer via USB-C
  • Works with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype for Business, Slack, Webex, and many more
  • Compatible with virtually all web-based video conferencing platforms
  • Extend range by pairing with another Meeting Owl (Pro or 3) or add on Expansion Mic
  • Works with the Meeting HQ* and the Whiteboard Owl
    • *Adapter required


  • Meeting Owl App:
    • Mobile: iOS and Android
    • Tablet: iPad
    • Desktop: Mac and Windows
  • Required for first-time setup and adjusting settings during meetings
  • The Nest: Manage your fleet of Owls through our web-based portal


  • Meeting Owl 3 does not record any video or audio content
  • Video and audio are streamed to the host computer via USB-C connection
  • Option to secure the Meeting Owl 3 with Lock Adapter


  • Camera
    • Single custom-designed 360° panoramic fisheye camera to eliminate image distortion
    • Camera view shows optional 360° panoramic view of the room and face-to-face view that auto-focuses on whoever is speaking
    • Output Resolution: 1080p HD Video Pickup Radius: 10’ (3m) Field of View: 360°
  • Microphone
    • 8 omni-directional beamforming Smart Mics
    • Smart Mics equalize speaker volume to amplify quiet voices
    • Audio Pickup Radius: 18’ (5.5m)
    • Ability to pair two Meeting Owls with Owl Connect to expand video and audio range by 8’ (2.5m) in any direction
  • Speaker
    • Three built-in speakers for 360° coverage and clear in-room sound
    • Speaker Output Level: 80 db SPL
  • Connection
    • Plug and play connection to host computer via USB-C
    • Option to connect to the Meeting HQ for one-touch meeting start (with adapter)
    • Option to connect to the Whiteboard Owl via Bluetooth
    • Option to connect to the Expansion Mic via micro-HDMI
  • Processing Power
    • Qualcomm Snapdragon 605 processor

What’s Included

  • Meeting Owl 3
  • Power adapter and line cord
  • USB-C to USB-C cable
  • Setup Guide
  • Table Card + Owl holder

UPC: 850022203213

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