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Sound Tools NL4 Sniffer/Sender

Model: SSNL4

Sound Tools NL4 Sniffer/Sender
Sound Tools NL4 Sniffer/Sender
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About: Sound Tools NL4 Sniffer/Sender

Remote End Cable Tester — The Original Remote End Cable Tester, now for NL-4 connections. Test all your cables without bringing the ends together with the SoundTools NL-4 Sniffer/Sender units.

  • Two piece testing unit can instantly test cables where they lie
  • Designed and manufactured for lifelong reliability
  • Test for 16 different issues with a simple 4-LED display
  • Compatible with NL-4 Neutrik SpeakOn connections

Here at SoundTools, we devote ourselves to the happiness of sound humans working in the audio industry. We want you to go into your next show or event with the confidence that your gear is going to work, and if it doesn’t, you can swap it out quickly. With this in mind, we’ve created the family of SoundTools Sniffer/Senders to quickly test and diagnose cables and snakes.

The NL-4 Sniffer/Sender field unit is an all-analog remote end cable tester that tests for good connections as well as 16 different issues in speaker cables. The sender unit uses a car alarm battery with long-lasting life to power the unit. Four LED lights on the sniffer unit instantly display results, giving you a quick-and-easy way to check whether your line is good. If all 4 lights are green, you’re good to go.

The NL-4 Sniffer/Sender is made with the same high quality that allows us to keep a lifetime Happy Human Warranty on all our products. A durable anodized aluminum tube protects the all-analog testing units. There are no fragile moving parts or seams, making these some of the most indestructible testers on the market.
Every Sniffer/Sender Unit comes with a sticker that can be attached to the sniffer end (or where ever is most convenient for you) that shows what the LED light combinations mean. Also available for XLR, DMX, and ¼” TRS connections.

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