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Clear-Com TW-47 Clear-Com/RTS 2-Way Radio Interface

Model: TW-47

Clear-Com TW-47 Clear-Com/RTS 2-Way Radio Interface
Clear-Com TW-47 Clear-Com/RTS 2-Way Radio Interface
Clear-Com TW-47 Clear-Com/RTS 2-Way Radio Interface
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About: Clear-Com TW-47 Clear-Com/RTS 2-Way Radio Interface

Compatible with both Clear-Com and RTS®, TW-47 connects virtually any set of walkie-talkies to anyone on the wired partyline intercom; simply use one walkie-talkie as a basestation. The base station radio is keyed from the intercom call signal. Extensive RF and EMI isolation prevents interference from entering the intercom system. Separate transmit and receive level controls are provided, along with audio level and transmitter keying indicators. The stand-alone interface is powered by the intercom line.

The ability of a 1- to 5-watt walkie-talkie to both talk and receive from the wired intercom system can greatly extend an intercom system's capability, especially in very large indoor and outdoor facilities and venues. The TW-47 is powered directly from the intercom line, and connection to the radio is via a single DB-9F 9-pin connector. The interface has extensive RF and EMI isolation to prevent the 2-way radio RF from radiating into the intercom system.

In order to accommodate the widest variety of 2-way radios, the TW-47 is supplied with a 9-pin connector and wiring diagrams for many 2-way radios.

The combination of internal jumpers (switches) and front panel "Transmit" and "Receive" level controls assures correct level matching to virtually any radio. Adjustments from -57dB microphone level to +11dB line level are supported. A bi-color LED provides a visual indication of audio level from the intercom line.

Radio Transmitter 'Keying'
A relay contact provides the required "Push-to-Talk" transmitter "keying" of the radio. This relay is activated by detecting the "Call Signal" on the intercom channel. The relay contacts, in conjunction with the custom-made radio cable, allow correct transmitter keying of virtually any type of radio. A "Transmit Key" LED indicates that the relay is active.

Certain Clear-Com stations can be set up so that the Call signal is activated automatically when the Talk button is pressed (Talk-on-Call). With these stations, the radio transmitter can be keyed by simply pushing the Talk button. The operation of the 2-way radio then becomes seamless and transparent to station users.


  • Interfaces any 2-way radio to a Clear-Com, RTS, or compatible system
  • Accepts any walkie-talkie
  • Powered by the intercom line
  • Easy to interconnect
  • Individual transmit and receive level controls
  • Bi-color LED audio level indicator
  • Small footprint - will fit anywhere

Note:  Two-way radio must have headset and microphone jacks.

Reviews: Clear-Com TW-47 Clear-Com/RTS 2-Way Radio Interface

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Warranty: Clear-Com TW-47 Clear-Com/RTS 2-Way Radio Interface Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

All Clear-Com brand systems and products, including wired and wireless belt packs, have a Limited Warranty of two years, with the following exceptions:

  1. Clear-Com headsets, handsets, microphones, UHF wireless IFB products, and the following DX and PRO products: AC850 Charger, BAT850 Battery, BAT41 and BAT850 batteries, HS12, headsets, remote antenna cables, SP10 Speaker, XLR Adapters and HS20-2 headsets have a Limited Warranty of one year.
  2. Cables, accessories, components and consumable items including the BP850 battery sled, Beltpack antennas, Beltpack configuration cable, HS4-2 Earpiece, RMK850 Mounting Kit, RAK850 Remote Kit, Beltpack pouch, DX headset extension cable, HS4-3 Earpiece, HSI6000, RMK200, Splitter/Combiner, WS200 Battery Sled, Foam inserts in travel case, CAT-5 cable, base antenna have a Limited Warranty of 90 days.
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  5. Clear-Com UHF WBS Analog wireless intercom systems have a Limited Warranty of three years.
  6. All software products, including Concert (Client and Server), ECS, EHX, Production Maestro Pro and Logic Maestro are warranted for one year and shall substantially conform to published specifications. The media on which the Software is furnished is warranted to be free of defects in material and workmanship (under normal use) for a period of one year.

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