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Technics SL-1200MK7 DJ Turntable - Black

Model: SL-1200MK7

Technics SL-1200MK7 DJ Turntable - Black
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About: Technics SL-1200MK7 DJ Turntable - Black

A New Level of Direct Drive Precision and Performance:

The SL-1200 has been a leader in turntable technology since 1972 and constantly innovating since then. And with the Technics SL-1200MK7, this professional direct-drive turntable has reached a new pinnacle of precision performance. Featuring an innovative coreless direct-drive motor, the SL-1200MK7 delivers the rotational accuracy and high torque of a traditional direct drive motor, while eliminating the root cause of cogging (speed variations caused by motor impulses). In classic Technics tradition, everything on the SL-1200MK7 is engineered for maximum sonic performance, from the S-shaped aluminum tonearm and gimbal suspension system to the 2-layer platter with enhanced vibration dampening. And with the ability to fine-tune the starting torque and brake speed, the Technics SL-1200MK7 is simply a joy to perform with.

The next generation of direct drive technology:

The original SL-1200 turntable was embraced by DJs in large part due to its innovative direct drive motor, offering unparalleled accuracy and long-term durability. With the SL-1200MK7, Technics introduces their coreless direct drive motor for even greater sound quality and precision. The coreless motor eliminates the potential for "cogging" — minor speed variations caused by the impulses of a traditional direct drive motor design.

Aluminum S-shaped tonearm delivers superior sonic performance:

Discerning DJs know your tonearm plays a huge role in the sound that you're pumping into the sound system. The SL-1200MK7 features Technics' static balance S-shape tonearm, which moves in a unique arc as it tracks your records — it's designed to minimize resonance and maximize fidelity. You'll appreciate its highly precise tracking performance. And even when scratching intensely, you can be sure the stylus won't skip a beat.

Insulated feet for maximum vibration dampening:

The SL-1200MK7 turntable comes with four insulator feet, each with an internal spring and rubber to isolate the turntable from vibrations. Equally important is their adjustable height and inclination, allowing you to stabilize your turntable on uneven surfaces by turning the feet individually. Combined with the dual-layer platter with enhanced vibration dampening, the SL-1200MK7 may be the closest thing to an earthquake-proof turntable.

Technics SL-1200MK7 DJ Turntable Features:

  • Coreless direct drive motor design maximizes accuracy and eliminates cogging
  • Aluminum S-shape tonearm delivers high-precision tracking without stylus skipping
  • Dual-layer platter minimizes resonance and vibrations
  • Insulator feet shut out vibrations and allow for adjustable height and inclination
  • Adjustable pitch control with ±8% and ±16% ranges
  • Built-in stylus light illuminates the target stylus position for fast, accurate needle drops
  • Classic Technics LED strobe can be set to red or blue

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