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Matthews Preemie Baby Stand

Model: 386044

Matthews Preemie Baby Stand
Matthews Preemie Baby Stand
Matthews Preemie Baby Stand
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About: Matthews Preemie Baby Stand

Heavy-duty and rugged, these aluminum and steel stands can withstand the rigors of location shooting. Preemie Baby stands are made with square tubular legs for additional strength. Smaller versions of Beefy Baby Stands are known as Mini Preemie and Preemie Baby Stands, or “Pony” Stands.

Features and Benefits

  • Stainless steel helicoil inserts in riser castings.
  • V-shaped brass brakes ensuring 3-point strong contact.
  • Stay put T-handles wont fall out of riser castings.
  • Knurled baby pin ensures whatever is being mounted stays put.


  • 386044 Preemie Baby
  • Max Height: 69" (1753mm)
  • Min Height: 28" (711mm)
  • Capacity: 25lbs (11kg)
  • Weight: 5lbs (2kg)
  • Footprint: 30" (76mm)
  • Folded Base: 5" (127mm)

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