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Laowa Ranger T2.9 Compact Cine Zoom Lens Kit

Model: RAN2875BPLEF

Laowa Ranger T2.9 Compact Cine Zoom Lens Kit
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About: Laowa Ranger T2.9 Compact Cine Zoom Lens Kit

The Ranger Compact Cine Zoom Series Lens Set (FF Ranger 28-75mm T2.9 and FF Ranger 75-180mm T2.9 lenses) is designed to meet the demands of both one-man-band filmmakers and production houses, offering exceptional features and unrivaled performances to create a cinematic story.

The Ranger boast a long versatile zoom range with more than 6.4x zoom ratio in total, with around 1.4kg/3.08lbs incredibly lightweight, allowing filmmakers to capture breathtaking shots with exquisite details at both ends of the spectrum effortlessly. Filmmakers can experience the convenience of the parfocal design, and can also enjoy focus transition with almost no focus breathing. The extremely close focus distance of 0.49m/1’6″ and 0.89m/2’9″ respectively allows for captivating close-up shots. Crafted with professional cine housing, these lenses provide the on-site friendly built-in back focus adjustment system, offering a smooth and reliable shooting experience. The Ranger cine zoom lenses are the ultimate user-friendly tools for capturing stunning cinematic masterpieces.


  • Full Frame Coverage
  • Light & Compact
  • Versatile Zoom Range
  • Constant T2.9
  • Excellent Parfocal Design
  • Extremely Close Focusing Distance
  • Invisible Focus Breathing
  • Professional Cine Housing

Long and Versatile Zoom Range

The 28-75mm focal length performed a 2.7x zoom ratio, and the 75-180mm focal length with a 2.4x zoom ratio. You can now have a variety of choices for your story framing: go wider to reveal a stunning landscape or go further to witness the motion of a specific object. Any frames that is possible to enrich your film can be done with the Ranger.

Constant T2.9 Aperture

Ranger offers a T2.9-T22 aperture range. The lenses maintain a constant T2.9 aperture throughout their zoom range, eliminating the need for exposure compensation when you zoom in. You can work with the lenses in dim light environment effortlessly.

Light & Compact

Time for a footloose experience of filming. Simply pair it with your gimbal, car rigs, shoulder rigs, etc., or even shoot with handheld, to get all kinds of scenes for your film.

Extremely Close Focusing Distance

0.49m/1’7″ closest focusing distance for the 28-75mm, 0.89m/2’11” closest focusing distance for the 75-180mm.

All the desirable details can be captured, and preserved with a decent depth of field. Let your lens become a powerful tool for evoking emotions by capturing the subject’s essence intimately.

You are able to keep the object in focus whenever zooming in or out, even shoot with the intense zoom at ease without focusing off.

Unseen Focus Breathing

The amount of breathing can be well contained for you to have a seamless focus shifting.

Professional Cine Housing

  • BUILT-IN BACK FOCUS ADJUSTMENT – No more redundant shimming process is needed, you can have simple and easy focus calibrating on site.
  • UNIFIED GEAR POSITION – All Ranger lenses can be switched quickly between focal lengths to work with the same set of gears
  • 80MM OUTER DIAMETER AND 77MM FILTER THREAD – Designed to accommodate the common matte boxes or filters
  • LENS SUPPORTING THREAD – To have your tripods and gears screwed into the right place and distance needed
  • 0.8 MOD GEAR – For both aperture and focus ring
  • DUAL SCALE DESIGN – Both imperial and metric scales are available on the lens
  • 270° FOCUS THROW & 100° ZOOM THROW – Support a finer and more accurate degree of change in such versatile focal distance

Each lens comes with a native PL mount, and an interchangeable EF bayonet is included in the box. 

For the mirrorless version, Canon RF, Sony E, Nikon Z, and L mount, are available and interchangeable as well.

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