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Dynacord TGX10 DSP Power Amplifier 4 x 2500W, Live

Model: TGX10

Dynacord TGX10 DSP Power Amplifier 4 x 2500W, Live
Dynacord TGX10 DSP Power Amplifier 4 x 2500W, Live
Dynacord TGX10 DSP Power Amplifier 4 x 2500W, Live
Dynacord TGX10 DSP Power Amplifier 4 x 2500W, Live
Dynacord TGX10 DSP Power Amplifier 4 x 2500W, Live
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About: Dynacord TGX10 DSP Power Amplifier 4 x 2500W, Live

The TGX 4-channel live sound amplifiers from Dynacord are one of the most powerful on the market and represent the pinnacle of pro audio electronics engineering. Along with unprecedented power density, they offer Dynacord’s signature audio quality, advanced reliability and power efficiency. Engineered and manufactured in Germany, TGX amplifiers are built as the ultimate amplification solution for large-scale live performance sound applications. They embody several proprietary amplifier technologies developed by Dynacord engineering, one of the most experienced R&D teams in the audio industry.

  • 4-channel DSP amplifier for live applications
  • Power density of up to 10kW in 2RU
  • Fully integrated DSP with advanced 96 kHz processing and FIR Drive technology
  • OMNEO integration for seamless compatibility with Dante and OCA
  • Full color touch screen for control without software

Superior Networked Audio

Dynacord TGX power amplifiers are equipped with Dante networking capabilities as well as AES and analog inputs. Each amplifier features the industry’s most advanced 96 kHz DSP with FIR Drive technology. The combination of each ampli- fier’s market leading ultra-low latency with up to 118dB signal-to-noise ratio, offers an unrivalled level of audio quality.

Unparalleled Power

Featuring two models with 4 x 2,500 watts and 4 x 5,000 watts, TGX power amplifiers offer an unparalleled 4-ohm power density of 10 kW and even 20 kW from a single amplifier with all chan- nels driven simultaneously.

Flawless Reliability

TGX power amplifiers incorporate a number of unique patent-pending technologies designed to deliver a reliable and stable system performance. The show will go on – without clipping or shutdown. TGX’s advanced protection package monitors more than 200 parameters to assure that even under the most challenging operating conditions the amplifier continues to perform at the highest possible level. In addition, Dynacord’s digitally regulated Power Fac- tor Correction (PFC) provides peace of mind; even with fluctuating mains, TGX amplifiers will remain stable and efficient. Junction Temperature Model- ling (JTM) technology ensures the highest possible output power and tour-grade performance without any shutdown or loss of audio quality. Dual network ports and automatic fall-back provide an extra level of redundancy and system reliability.

Power Factor Correction

  • Maximizes output power and reduces idle power
  • Complete digital monitoring and control
  • Wide range input for maximum flexibility
  • Highest reliability thanks to Dynacord's protection algorithms

Junction Temperature Modelling

  • Overheat component protection by constant temperature modelling
  • Ensures maximum output power
  • Provides highest operational reliability

The Smooth Way to Drive Your Sound

Sound engineers aim to create the best sound quality show after show, and giving the audi- ence an unforgettable experience time after time. However, making the vast array of diverse equipment and technologies work in sync at every venue takes skill, experience and time. But time is always limited and the show must go on. That’s why we offer a new, unique soft- ware platform for faster digital sound design and management, designed with simplicity and performance in mind, providing transparency, overview and control to save time on set-up while giving total control for audio manage- ment and the perfect sound. Fully compatible with Dante Audio, this software is designed around our users and the way they work.

It also empowers the user to design, tune and operate an entire sound system from one piece of software. Developed in-house, the new cross-platform software offers intuitive and streamlined workflow guidance to save both time and effort. It’s designed to support the entire workflow with plug-in options for loudspeaker prediction software like EASE Focus and real time measurement systems like Systune. Using a light and dark color scheme, the GUI adapts to increase visibility in high and low lighting conditions. Alternatively, TGX power amplifiers can also be operated via IRIS-Net software, which offers numerous options for the most complex sound system configurations.


  • Output Power
    • Load impedance 2 Ω, 2.7 Ω, 4 Ω, 8 Ω
    • Maximum Output Power (All channels driven) -  2600 W, 3000 W, 2500 W, 1250 W
    • Number of amplifier channels -  4
    • Maximum Output Voltage -  150 V peak
    • Maximum Output Current -  53 A peak
  • Amplifier
    • Voltage Gain ref.1 kHz -  32.0 dB, adjustable 24-40 dB
    • Input Sensitivity ref. to Max. Output Voltage -  10.7 dBu (2.66 V), adjustable 2.7-18.7 dBu
    • THD 3 dB below Max., AES17, 1 kHz -  < 0.05 %
    • IMD-SMPTE, 60 Hz, 7 kHz -  < 0.05 %
    • DIM100, 3.15 kHz, 15 kHz -  < 0.15 %
    • Crosstalk ref. 1 kHz, 12 dB below Max., 8 Ω -  < -80 dB
    • Frequency Response ref. 1 kHz, analog in to speaker out -  20 Hz to 20 kHz (ą0.5 dB)
    • Damping Factor, 20 Hz to 200 Hz, 8 Ω -  > 400
    • Output Stage Topology -  Class D, fixed frequency
    • Signal to Noise Ratio
      • A-weighted, analog input -  112 dB
      • A-weighted, digital input -  115 dB
    • Output Noise
      • A-weighted, analog input -  < -70 dBu
      • A-weighted, digital input -  < -73 dBu
  • Digital Signal Processing
    • Sampling rate -  48 kHz/96 kHz, OMNEO/Dante synchronized
    • Signal Delay/Latency
      • Analog in to Speaker Out, 48 kHz/96 kHz -  0.70 ms/0.53 ms
      • AES3 in to Speaker Out, 48 kHz/96 kHz -  1.00 ms/0.66 ms
    • Dante Network Latency -  typ. 1.00 ms
    • Signal Processing -  32/40 bit, floating point
    • User EQ -  12 filters per channel, selectable as PEQ, Lo-Shelv, Hi-Shelv, Lo-ShelvQ, Hi-ShelvQ, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass & Notch; 2 filters of them withadditional asymmetric filter type
    • User Delay -  0 to 2000 ms per channel (units: μs, ms, s, cm, m, inches, feet)
    • Array EQ -  5 filters per channel, selectable as PEQ, Lo-Shelv, Hi-Shelv, Lo-ShelvQ, Hi-ShelvQ, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass, & All-Pass
    • Array Delay -  0 to 500 ms per channel (units: μs, ms, s, cm, m, inches, feet)
    • Speaker EQ -  10 filters per channel, selectable as PEQ, Lo-Shelv, Hi-Shelv, Hi-Pass, Lo-Pass, & All-Pass
    • Speaker X-Over -  Hi-Pass & Lo-Pass per channel, 6/12/18/24/30/36/42/48 dB Bessel/Butterworth, 12/24/48 dB Linkwitz-Riley; Alignment Delay, 0 to 20 ms per channel
    • Speaker FIR -  up to 1025 taps, Linear Phase Filter, Linear Phase Brickwall X-Over
    • Speaker Limiters -  Peak Anticipation Limiter & RMS/TEMP Limiter per channel
    • Other functions -  Source Selection & Mix, Level, Mute, Polarity, Sine & Noise Generator, Level Meters, Impedance Measurement, & Load Monitoring
  • Memory
    • DSP Presets -  1 Factory + 20 User
    • Speaker-Pool Presets -  30 speaker settings
    • Source Supervision & Fallback -  AES3 Lock & OMNEO/Dante network supervision, switchover to alternative Source Selection
  • Connectivity
    • Analog Audio Input/Thru
      • Type -  AES3 Lock & OMNEO/Dante network supervision, switchover to alternative Source Selection
      • Maximum Input Level -  +24 dBu
      • Input Impedance, active balanced -  20 kΩ
      • Reference level equal to digital input -  +21 dBu for 0 dBFS
    • Digital Audio Input/Thru
      • Type -  2x 3-pin XLR (alternative use of Analog In/Thru)
      • Format -  AES3 (AES/EBU)
      • Input Sample Rates -  32 to 192 kHz, internal Sample-Rate-Converter
      • Thru Connector -  active buffered, direct bypass if device is unpowered
    • Network
      • Type -  2 x Neutrik etherCON/RJ45, redundant PRIMARY/SECONDARY
      • Format -  1000base-T/100base-TX, integrated switch
      • Network Audio Inputs -  8 channels, 48/96 kHz, OMNEO/Dante format
      • Network Audio Outputs (Monitor) -  2 channels, 48/96 kHz, OMNEO/Dante format
      • Front side Service Port -  1x USB Type A
      • Mains Input -  1x Neutrik powerCON-HC
      • Speaker Output -  4x NL4
  • General
    • User Interface
      • Display -  320 x 240 pixel, 3.5" color TFT"
      • Front panel indicators -  Full color LED illuminated ring
      • Front panel operating elements -  Rotary encoder, Capacitive Touch Screen
      • Rear panel indicators -  2x LED (AES3 Input mode active, Amp-Find)
      • Rear panel operating elements -  Mains switch
    • Power Requirements -  100 V to 240 V, 50 Hz to 60 Hz AC
    • Power Consumption
      • Rated Power Consumption -  1200 W
      • 1/8 Maximum Output Power at 4 Ω -  1765 W
      • Idle Mode (no input signal) -  80 W
      • Standby Mode -  < 18 W
    • Power Supply Topology -  Switching Mode Power Supply with digital controlled Power Factor Correction
    • Protections -  Audio Limiters, High Temperature, DC, HF, Short Circuit, Back-EMF, Peak Current Limiters, Inrush Current Limiters, Turn-on Delay, Mains Circuit Breaker Protection, Mains Over/ Under voltage Protection
    • Cooling -  Front-to-rear, temperature controlled fans, supervised
    • Ambient Temperature Limits -  +5 °C to +40 °C (+40 °F to +105 °F)
    • IEC Protection Class -  Class I (grounded)
    • Electromagnetical Environment -  E1, E2, E3
    • Color -  Black
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) -  19.02 x 3.47 x 20.24 inch (483 x 88.1 x 514.2mm)
    • Weight -  33.0 lb (15.0 kg)

What's Included

  • 1x TGX 4-channel power amplifier
  • 4x M6x20 screw for rack mounting
  • 1x Mains power connector, 32 A with safety & assembly instruction
  • Installation manual
  • Safety instruction booklet

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