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Lectrosonics HM172 Headset Mic - TA5F

Model: HM172

Lectrosonics HM172 Headset Mic - TA5F
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About: Lectrosonics HM172 Headset Mic - TA5F

The HM172 “earset” microphone mounts securely to the user’s ear with a comfortable, bendable silicone frame and provides excellent vocal quality in a nearly invisible package. The cable runs neatly behind the neck for maxi-mum concealment. A perspiration “drip” ring on the boom ensures the microphone capsule stays dry at all times. The flexible boom is ideal for maximum gain before feed-back while keeping the element away from the user’s breath stream for low noise.

The HM172 exhibits an extended frequency response and an omni-directional polar pattern for outstanding clarity and natural sound with no proximity build-up. With its sleek and low profile design, coupled with profession-al audio quality, this unit is excellent for stage presenta-tions, theatre and broadcast studio operations.

The microphone is pre-wired for use with Lectrosonics UHF belt pack transmitters including LM, LMa, UM400, UM400a, SM, SMa, SMV, SMDa and SMQV. The wir-ing is compatible with earlier 5-pin inputs and the latest servo bias 5-pin inputs.

A replaceable HF peak cap is provided to subtly control excessive energy at the highest range of the frequency response. The tiny perforations in the diaphragm in the cap also provide a barrier to dust and moisture.

The earpiece and boom can be shaped separately for a secure, comfortable fit suitable for hours of continu-ous use on the left or right side of the head. The perfect fit and ultra light weight make the microphone virtually “disappear” after even a short period of use.

The headset is furnished with two windscreens, a cable retaining clip and a spare HF peak cap.

  • Ultra lightweight comfort
  • Adjustable boom arm
  • Low-visibility design
  • Great acoustic performance
  • Replaceable HF peak cap
  • Adjustable “drip ring”
  • 5-pin connector for Lectrosonics wireless transmitters is a Canadian authorized Lectrosonics retailer.

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