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Eartec EVADE Xtreme Wireless Headset - Main

Model: EVXTM

Eartec EVADE Xtreme Wireless Headset - Main
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About: Eartec EVADE Xtreme Wireless Headset - Main

EVADE XTreme are self-contained full-duplex wireless headsets used across a multitude of industrial applications where protective hardhat or bump caps are required. To operate the XTreme simply adjust for the correct amount of holding tension and your safety hat will fit right over as normal. Then simply install the battery turn the headset “ON” and you are ready to communicate with the rest of your crew, simultaneously and hands free within a ¼ mile range!

As with the Evade Single and Double series, the XTreme feature a miniaturized full duplex radio built inside the earcups eliminating belt packs. The XTreme also include a heptagonal (six-point) earcup that is so unique it has received formal patent protection by the US trademark office. In addition, XTreme ear pads are ergonomically shaped, that means wider and slightly thicker in the lower rear providing the most comfortable fit of any headset on the market.

Evade Xtreme team communication wireless systems are popular communication tools for crane & utility crews as well as avionics and defense contractors that need hands free communication. Wherever workers are required to wear safety equipment Evade Xtreme will come through, “loud and clear”.



  • Excellent performance – Range up to 1/4 mile
  • Radio installed inside earcup, no wires or beltpacks
  • Li-Poly Batteries – Provide continuous 8 hr operation and are field replaceable
  • Auto Mute Boom – Mute when in UP position
  • Volume Control – Simple up / down push button adjustment
  • Sealed for use outdoors in inclement conditions
  • Light Industrial Design – Wear comfortably for an 8 hour work shift
  • Field Programmable – Start small and add to your system as needed


  • Frequency Range -  2407MHz-2475MHz
  • Data Rate -  1MBPS
  • Bandwidth -  150KHz
  • Channel Spacing -  1MHz
  • Modulation Type -  GFSK
  • Gain of Antenna -  0db
  • Duplexing -  Time Division Duplex (TDD)
  • Speech Encoding -  ADPCM/16kbit/s
  • RF Accessing -  Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
  • Power Supply -  Rechargeable Li-polymer Battery @ 3.7v/1000mAH
  • RF Output Power -  80mw
  • Operating Temperature -  0 – +50º C
  • Operating Relative Humidity Range -  30% – 90%
  • Operation Current -  110mA
  • Operation Time -  8h
  • Range -  350m (open field)


  • 1x Eartec EVADE Xtreme Full Duplex Wireless MAIN Headset w/ Lithium-Polymer Battery - No Charger

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Warranty: Eartec EVADE Xtreme Wireless Headset - Main Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:


  • COMSTAR: 1 year
  • UltraLite: 1 year
  • SC-1000: 1 year
  • The CLIP, Simultalk 24G: 6 months


  • The XTreme, The Ultra, The ProLine = 1 year
  • Max4G, The Monarch = 6 months
  • The Cyber, The Loop, The SST, Rechargeable Batteries = 90 days

Rechargeable batteries: 30 days