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Bubblebee The Microphone Foam for Shotgun Mics - XS


Bubblebee The Microphone Foam for Shotgun Mics - XS
Bubblebee The Microphone Foam for Shotgun Mics - XS
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XS (Big Diameter)$27.00
XS Plus$27.00
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About: Bubblebee The Microphone Foam for Shotgun Mics - XS

Say goodbye to boom swooshes, vocal plosives, and light wind noise with our uniquely designed, acoustically transparent microphone foams.

The Microphone Foams for Shotgun Mics have been meticulously engineered to provide your boom mic with excellent protection from vocal plosives, boom ‘swoosh’ and light wind buffeting whilst retaining a very high-level of acoustic transparency.


  • Premium materials, crafted with performance and durability in mind.
  • Universal compatibility to fit commonly used boom microphones.
  • Designed with a high attention to the fine details.
  • Designed in Denmark by sound lovers, for sound lovers.


Crafted using premium-quality, lightweight, open-cell foam material, this shotgun mic windscreen is constructed to be very effective at reducing or eliminating unwanted vocal plosive and swooshing noises from boom swinging, whilst simultaneously retaining the natural frequency response of your boom or shotgun mic.


No matter which shotgun microphone or on-camera microphone you're using, we have a foam windscreen for you. Available in eight different sizes, The Microphone Foam for Shotgun Mics have been designed to strategically protect the microphone capsule and be more effective at protecting the sensitive parts of the microphone’s pick-up pattern.


Say goodbye to bulky and distracting foam windshields or pop screens with The Microphone Foam for Shotgun Mics. Whether you’re using a shotgun microphone for booming narrative or unscripted productions, broadcast news and sports or run and gun videography, our microphone foams provide a snug and secure fit, allowing you to focus on your content or performance without worrying about equipment issues.

The Microphone Foams for Shotgun Mics are the perfect solution to help you make sound sound better and an essential microphone accessory for any audio professional, boom operator, videographer, content creator, journalist, or broadcaster.

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