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Bubblebee The Fur Wind Jacket for Cinela Piano - Blue


Bubblebee The Fur Wind Jacket for Cinela Piano - Blue
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About: Bubblebee The Fur Wind Jacket for Cinela Piano - Blue

Upgrade you micriphone windshield basket with The Fur Wind Jacket.

The Fur Wind Jacket has been designed with great attention to detail to provide you with the ultimate fur cover for your existing microphone windshield basket or blimp. Using our high-density, multi-pile faux fur, The Fur Wind Jacket ensures that you have the maximum protection possible when shooting outdoors in very windy conditions. 


  • Uses our much-loved, multi-pile fur for the ultimate protection against wind noise.
  • Transparent inner fabric maintains a very natural frequency response.
  • Manufactured in Denmark with quality in mind by sound lovers, for sound lovers.

The Fur Wind Jacket's key feature lies in its use of high-quality, multi-pile faux fur, making it the best fur available on the market. This exceptional fur material is carefully selected for its ability to effectively diffuse and attenuate wind noise while maintaining the natural tonal qualities of your microphone. The multi-pile design consists of 3 different lengths of fur to slow the wind down gradually and creates a dense layer at the base which acts as a barrier against wind, significantly reducing unwanted noise and allowing you to capture pristine audio.

Engineered with precision and attention to detail, The Fur Wind Jacket seamlessly integrates with your windshield basket. Its tailored design ensures a perfect fit, guaranteeing optimal wind protection without hindering the functionality or performance of your existing equipment. Whichever system you're using, The Fur Wind Jacket adapts effortlessly to accommodate various microphone sizes and configurations.

Using the highest quality materials, The Fur Wind Jacket is designed to withstand rigorous use in the most demanding of recording environments for many years. The outer layer uses super soft strands of faux fur, while the inner layer of fabric is made using a non-abrasive, open material. This provides you with optimal wind protection, whilst retaining as much of the natural frequency response of your microphone as possible.

We have considered every aspect of usability, ensuring that your experience with our product is both comfortable and hassle-free. The different Fur Wind Jacket models feature a bespoke and secure attachment mechanism, allowing for quick and easy installation onto your chosen basket system. Its lightweight design adds minimal weight to your setup, allowing you to focus on capturing outstanding audio without unnecessary strain.

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