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Custom “Black & White” and “High Resolution Greyscale” Gobos (this item)
Our “Black & White” and “High Resolution Greyscale” gobos can create images with extreme clarity, sharpness, and detail. The finest details can be rendered for even the smallest gobos used in modern automated lighting fixtures. These glass gobos are perfect for projecting virtually any image you can create.

Custom “Colour” Gobos (call for price):
Multi-colored gobos project your custom colored design in spectacular resolution and dependability. Made from high quality dichroic color filters on heat resistant borasilicate glass, colored gobos are available as one or two color custom gobos, or multi colored for a more complete spectrum of colors.

Custom “High-Definition Photo” Gobos (call for price):
Hi-Definition Photo Gobos turn your color photograph or slide into a glass slide capable of projecting your image from most modern theatrical lighting fixtures. These are available in A or B size for typical ellipsoidals or in smaller sizes for automated lighting fixtures. is a Canadian authorized AVShop retailer.

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