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Matthews Digital Combo Stand 11ft

Model: 369675

Matthews Digital Combo Stand 11ft
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About: Matthews Digital Combo Stand 11ft

Matthews Digital presents two new, high quality lighting stands for the demanding professional. Innovative, robust and durable, the Matthews Digital Lighting Stands are becoming an integral component of location and studio lighting packages. Additionally, each riser section is spring dampened, ensuring the stand may be safely lowered. Designed to be stronger and lighter than other manufacturers' aluminum combo stands, Matthews Digital stands are also lower in cost.

  • Max Ht: 132” (335cm)
  • Min Ht: 51" (130cm)
  • Capacity: 88lbs. (40kg)
  • Weight: 18lbs (8.1kg)
  • Footprint: 50" (127cm)
  • 5/8” Pin/Spigot plus 1-1/4" Rcvr
  • Rocky Mountain Leveling Leg
  • Rack Mount Adapter

Features and Benefits´╗┐:

  • Spring dampened risers protect equipment being lowered and help eliminate pinch points.
  • V-shaped brass brakes ensuring 3-point strong contact.
  • Knurled baby pin ensures whatever is being mounted stays put.
  • Internal rocky mountain leg anchor, insures leg wont fall apart while operating.
  • Thick threaded collars ensuring a solid bite from t-handles and set screws.
  • Spring loaded rising knurled baby pin.

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