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Mipro DPM-3 USB/SD Player + Recorder Module

Model: DPM-3

Mipro DPM-3 USB/SD Player + Recorder Module
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About: Mipro DPM-3 USB/SD Player + Recorder Module

  • Records from Line-input into SD card or USB. 
  • Single track can be deleted during playback.
  • Recording standard. Sample rate 44.1 kHz / Bit rate 192 kbps.
  • Support MP3 / WMA / FLAC / APE / WAV / M4A / AAC / OGG format.
  • Speed control for fast and slow play.
  • Song management by music folders.
  • Repeat, Fast forward/reverse search.
  • Numeric selection and random playback.
  • Random playback.
  • Wireless remote control included.
  • Can repeat specified period for language learning function.
  • Ideal for live recording.
  • Fits MA-505 / MA-708 / MA-808.

Reviews: Mipro DPM-3 USB/SD Player + Recorder Module

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Warranty: Mipro DPM-3 USB/SD Player + Recorder Module Warranty:

30 Days

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