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Crown PZM-11LLWR Boundry Microphone (Weather Resistant)

Model: PZM11-LL-WR

Crown PZM-11LLWR Boundry Microphone (Weather Resistant)
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About: Crown PZM-11LLWR Boundry Microphone (Weather Resistant)

The Crown PZM-11LLWR is a weather-resistant Pressure Zone Microphone with a balanced, line-level output. A plastic membrane inside the microphone protects the mic capsule from water damage. The mic mounts in a standard electrical outlet box. Applications include fast-food restaurants, outdoor intercoms, toll booths, bridges, theme park security, home automation, and so on. The microphone can be plugged directly into a VCR line input — no costly mic preamp is needed.
Output (via screw terminals) can be balanced or unbalanced. Powering is by 12-24V AC or DC.

The unit can be factory-set for phantom powering by special order, as a PZM-11LLWRS1. In the PZM-11LLWR, frequencies below the voice range are rolled off to reduce traffi c rumble. The high-frequency response is boosted to help articulation. Because of its tailored response and PZM construction, the PZM-11LLWR will pick up conversations or other desired sounds with extra clarity.



  • Line-level output connects directly to video recorders
  • Clear, articulate sound
  • Inconspicuous
  • Ideal for outdoor security, surveillance and intercoms
  • Weather-resistant

The unit is “weather resistant,” which means:

  • The microphone will work during and after rainfall.
  • The mic’s frequency response will change temporarily if the membrane gets wet, but will return to normal when dry.
  • If water freezes on the membrane, the mic’s frequency response will change, but will return to normal when the ice melts and the membrane dries.
  • High-pressure water sprays directly on the membrane (through the louvered wall plate) may damage the membrane.
  • The microphone is not designed to be submerged

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Reviews: Crown PZM-11LLWR Boundry Microphone (Weather Resistant)

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Warranty: Crown PZM-11LLWR Boundry Microphone (Weather Resistant) Warranty:

30 Days

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