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IsoVox 2 Vocal Sound


IsoVox 2 Vocal Sound
IsoVox 2 Vocal Sound
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About: IsoVox 2 Vocal Sound

Ever wanted to sing at home but couldn’t because of neighbors or family members? With ISOVOX 2, that’s not a problem anymore.

About the materials

There is some kind of magic with the ISOVOX Sound®.
This is something we spent years of developing by testing different acoustic materials in combinations you won’t imagine. The result is something we are very proud of.

  • 4 layers of different Super Acoustic Materials
  • Enhances vocal details
  • Reduces overall volume
  • Gives a warm & punchy recording sound
  • No dangerous breathing particles
  • Patented 360 XYZ Pro Acoustic Construction

Eliminates Unwanted Room Sound from all directions.

ISOVOX 2 controlls soundwaves from ALL angles.
All Sides. Roof, top, bottom, behind and front.
No other portable product does this.

That’s why ISOVOX 2 is over 4 times effective more effective in removing room sound than any other reflection filter or similar.

We call it the Patented 360 XYZ Pro Acoustic System. It consists of advanced super acoustic materials in a combination that massively reduces overall volume, while it clears up the voice and make your recordings sound Clear, Crisp and Professional.

What comes in the box?

  • The ISOVOX 2 in parts
  • Luxorious LED-Light (aaa-batteries)
  • Universal Flex On Mic Mount
  • Mic pole & nut

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