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Superlux RS921 21U Rack

Superlux RS921 21U Rack
Date Added: 10/08/2015 by Roger C.
I just received my unit and I am satisfied with it but here again, the company could have done better. My rack was delivered to me with a few scratches, but fortunately only on sides and hideable. It also came with a side panel showing a folded corner, but I was able to fix it. Oh! good stuff, yes - it is quite sturdy, solid even without the cross reinforcement of my components - but it could be better and take note that the paint is someway easy to scratch, not with normal use but with metal things, etc. Well, all this said it is a very good unit for the money, it comes with a hundred screws of both American and European thread, even also with a screwdriver and it is a lot better than those wood racks so my final verdict is: go for it, guys....

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