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Sennheiser Replacement Coiled Cable for HD25-II

Sennheiser Replacement Coiled Cable for HD25-II
Date Added: 12/11/2015 by Calvin I.
Not much to say, it comes with the same screw-on adapter as the original cable that comes with my HD25-1 ii's, It's quite heavy when attached to the headset. Stretches very long, which is why I bought it. Hasn't gone out of shape despite being pulled out to full length, crushed in my backpack, crushed between storage cases, etc. I run my AntLion ModMic 4.0 cable through the middle of it, although I cannot recommend running anything through the center of this coil as it will take away from the ability to extend it. The strain relief block is moulded onto the cable, much better design than the original cable the headphones shipped with. I recommend this product IF YOU KNOW YOU NEED IT....

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