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Samson LTS50 Tripod Laptop Stand

Samson LTS50 Tripod Laptop Stand
Date Added: 01/26/2018 by Roger C.
Mine came with the angle setting tightening knob not screwed and no instructions to install it properly. In order to get a good and stable assembly of this crucial part, be sure to locate the two thin plastic washers between the lateral angle setting plates underneath the platter and the rectangular part of the platter holding section, otherwise you will crush those plates when tightening and the metal washer goes on the knob side. Not a serious problem though if you just take a few minutes to figure it out. The stand I received also came with slight paint defects but I been able to correct it with a charcoal marker. Now, since it is very sturdy, cheap and astonishly stable if you don't set it higher than 42 inches ( higher you will get wobbling ), I can say I am pretty satisfied with my purchase. There is other solutions to hold a laptop out there but this model was exactly what I was looking for because there is a lot of stuff where I do mix and it had to be minimally cumbersome. Conclusion, good pick....

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