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Reloop RP7000 / RP8000 Dust Cover

Reloop RP7000 / RP8000 Dust Cover
Date Added: 05/23/2018 by Daniel L.
This original Reloop cover is great ! Installation is a breeze and it fits the turntable perfectly. The plastic is strong and it's not clear but with a touch of dark tint. Note that only the hinge supports are bolted so it's possible and easy to remove the cover and the hinges without any tool upon usage. Just remember to open/lift the lid FIRST and then you can remove it freely... If you remove the cover when in closed position, the hinges can quickly "pop" in open position and this could damage / break the cover's plastic. The overall quality is excellent and I would recommend this cover to anyone who's in a home or safe environment and do want an original Reloop cover with a nice logo on it. However, if your turntable is in a club / hostile territory, or if you plan to put a laptop on it or wish to put some extra weight on your turntable cover, I would consider the more expensive Decksaver cover. Very satisfied thanks ! :-)...

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