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Rean NYS231BG 3.5mm Plug (Black/Gold)

Rean NYS231BG 3.5mm Plug (Black/Gold)
Date Added: 04/02/2016 by Calvin I.
I'd recommend putting the connector in a vise with an old t-shirt to prevent damaging the plug. As I mentioned soldering this can be finicky as the contacts are very small. This can lead to burns if you're not careful! Additionally, the connector does stay hot for a while after you're done. Full Metal housing, don't forget the plastic sleeve they include in the packaging! Without it, the connector may short circuit! (Though not recommended, scotch tape worked for the one where I lost the plastic sleeve) Recommendations to the manufacture: Print the pinout onto the package, Make the hole on the end just slightly bigger. Overall a very effective and well priced connector....

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