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Quik Lok IPS-16 Table Clamp Tablet Holder

Quik Lok IPS-16 Table Clamp Tablet Holder
Date Added: 02/22/2021 by Phillip T.
<p>So much about this design makes no sense. The desk clamp is not flat and broad; it’s narrow and partly shaped to fit a mic stand pole (yet it doesn’t clamp to a mic stand pole either). Clamping to a desk is weaker than it should be. The part you twist to tighten/loosen the clamp is hard and painful to twist tightly because it’s small and round; a twisting bar/lever-type mechanism would have been smarter. Resizing the tablet holders is obnoxious. You loosen screwed knobs on the back to slide the holders on their own little railing design, but the rails do not slide gracefully whatsoever and the knobs fall off without much loosening (a result of wanting to make the rails looser so that they’ll slide better, but it won’t help). Taking your expensive tablet out is a cautious thing as well; if you’re not careful, the holding rail will finally and unexpectedly expand after wrestling with it to make it slide and your tablet will fall right out. Spring loaded holders are better because they force you to always hold your tablet with one hand, and they are incredibly quick to hold and release your tablet. The swivel of this is also sub-par. The horizontal rotation is compromised because the entire top portion of this thing is attached to the stand by twisting/screwing it on. So, once you attach it, the rotation stops because it’s tightened. If you force it to rotate anyway you get a clicking noise which I’m not sure is normal, and the extra force will likely make the desk clamp slide out of position because the clamp is so thoughtlessly designed. While you can swivel the tablet’s overall viewing position in almost a 360 degree way, you have to tighten it when you’ve found your angle with the same small rounded knob that will hurt your hand because it has to be so tight to hold the weight and it won’t hold it well. Plus, if you want to slightly adjust that viewing angle afterward, moving it will gradually loosen that knob. QuickLok normally makes pretty good stuff but I have no idea what they were thinking with this. It’s as if they mixed up design blueprints then went through zero user testing. I was intending to use 2 of these for a podcast desk; something simple and easy to mount/dismount, rotate, and hold a 12.9” iPad Pro easily. It can certainly hold any sized tablet, but pretty much everything else about this holder experience is pretty bad.</p>...

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