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QSC GX5 Power Amplifier (500 Watts)

QSC GX5 Power Amplifier (500 Watts)
Date Added: 06/02/2022 by Kazimier B.
<p>My father has the same unit for his big speakers. After atleast 1 year of wanting it i decided it was time to replace my old Pioneer SA-6700 unit and i am very happy with the purchase, and already having the speakers to make use of the power available without blowing up is a plus. The audio is SUPER clean and crisp at any volume, had it nice and loud after a day once my ears were more used to the new sound and i was shaking the house. As much as i really dont need 500w per side, i wasnt about to buy some $1500 cheapo crap unit full of gimicks with only 40w RMS/side when i could buy a much more efficient and better sounding unit with fhe added bonus of high wattage for $900 (after tax).</p>...

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