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On-Stage Stands WS7500B Wood Workstation Desk - Black

On-Stage Stands WS7500B Wood Workstation Desk - Black
Date Added: 04/02/2017 by ANTON S.
Overall, I'm very happy with the product. I was looking for something that could replace my 47" Ikea desk as it just wasn't efficient for midi controller placement and producing as I had liked. This desk is well worth the money; features a smooth, minimal design with enough space for an audio interface, midi controller, keyboard, mouse, 24inch monitor, and 2 5" studio monitors. If you need more space for rack gear, you can buy the on-stage add on. The team at AVShop were very helpful with any of my shipping concerns - shout out to Kevin and Jason for their top notch customer service. I'd recommend assembling with a friend as aligning the Z legs can be difficult on one's own. Another word of advice - READ THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully. I've heard horror stories of people trying to build these and having to drill their own holes, but that is simply because they didn't read the instructions properly...all the holes align perfectly fine! No use of a drill is required. Anyways, that's my 2 cents - great product and quality for the price. Happy with it....

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