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Loupedeck CT Creative Tool

Loupedeck CT Creative Tool
Date Added: 09/20/2020 by Daniel G.
I use to have an older editing controller which I had to make my own labels just so I can remember which function they had. The Loupedeck CT takes the guessing game away by having a touch sensitive screen with the function labeled right on the button. The fantastic part about this is you can have many layers of function depending on what stage of editing you are at or it is user adjustable. So instead of just having 12 buttons and 6 rotary push button knobs you can have multiple pages or "workspaces" as Loupedeck calls them. This is fantastic when video editing since you can have multiple workspaces for the import/ export and organization of media, editing the footage as well as colour grading and effects! This is definitely something that will take a little time to get use to using but once you get the hang of it it will cut editing time down in no time!...

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