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Heil Sound PR 30 Dynamic Microphone

Heil Sound PR 30 Dynamic Microphone
Date Added: 06/01/2021 by Kyron N.
<p>I've wanted this mic for almost 10 years now and I finally picked it up! It has a great sound to it. The proximity effect is actually very usable and dynamic so you can tune in low end just by moving the mic. The top end is well represented but it not harsh at all. There is a 4k presence peak but it doesn't really matter (I'll explain why in a minute). I tested this mic over the weekend on Acoustic / Vox / Mono Overhead and everything sounded really great! This mic really is a jack of all trades. There is lots out there on how amazing it is on guitar cabs / bass / toms / snares so i tested the 3 things I haven't seen much of. The most important thing about this mic is how well it takes EQ. The reason the presence peak doesn't matter is because you can get rid of it easily. This mic takes boosts and cuts super well and not every mic does. I have found with some mics (especially the "chinese condenser mics") that EQ doesn't really do much. I fought for a long time with some of my current mics to try to get rid of some of the harsh top end without making the source sound completely dull and I couldn't. The Heil PR30 is a mic that anyone can buy and point it at any source and it will sound great. Is it the best sound on every source? Nope. But its a great sound on everything. This is my desert island mic. And I am probably going to order a second pretty soon.</p>...

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