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Bellari HA543 Headphone Amplifier

Bellari HA543 Headphone Amplifier
Date Added: 04/21/2022 by BRYAN B.
<p>I can't believe I only paid 119 CAD for it, should have been twice that price. My AKG headphones never sounded so good. The enhance button is absolutely magical - from an absolute 100% flat studio quality sound to a very slight high and low frequency addition, great for very loud or lower, soft volume listening. I believe this model is a relatively new product from the USA and deserves WAY more positive reviews. If you're thinking of a headphone amp purchase, JUST BUY IT. I was really happy with the Ordered it online and and picked it up within one week delivery from the states. I have been an audiophile and bass player for a very long time. You can trust my judgement on Bellari.</p>...

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