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Sennheiser MMD42-1 Capsule

Model: MMD42-1

Sennheiser MMD42-1 Capsule
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About: Sennheiser MMD42-1 Capsule

The MMD 42 is a high-quality dynamic microphone head with omni-directional pick-up pattern that ensures excellent speech intelligibility without having to point the microphone directly at your interview partner. The special design minimizes wind and handling noise.


  • AVX Handheld transmitter (US version)
  • D1 SKM
  • G3 SKM100 (all frequency ranges)
  • G3 SKM300 (all frequency ranges)
  • G3 SKM500 (all frequency ranges)
  • 2000 Series SKM2000 (all frequency ranges and finishes)

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Reviews: Sennheiser MMD42-1 Capsule

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Warranty: Sennheiser MMD42-1 Capsule Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

Sennheiser : 2 years
Sennheiser Evolution Series: 10 years
Sennheiser Aviation Series: 5 years
Neumann : 1 year
Klein & Hummel : 2 years