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Rycote PCS-Boom Quick Release Connector

Model: 185801

Rycote PCS-Boom Quick Release Connector
Rycote PCS-Boom Quick Release Connector
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About: Rycote PCS-Boom Quick Release Connector

The PCS ‘tip’ locks into any 3/8″ female threaded windshield kit/shock-mount – made by Rycote or other manufacturers – and stays fitted. The Connector attaches securely to the boom pole.

Connection/release is then a quick and easy ‘click’ in/pull-out operation! This allows for super-fast swapping of your different mics (and windshield kits) on and off… perfect for all manner of production sound recording applications!

Rock solid, noise-free connection.

Crucially for professional audio use, the PCS-Boom Connector is designed to remain completely secure and noise-free during use… essential for anything going on the end of a boom pole!

The thread connection is a high-grade aluminium, with a twin locking screw arrangement. The connection grips the boom pole thread, without damaging it – and makes for a reassuringly solid connection.

Easy connection & release mechanism.

With its easy one handed ‘click-in’ attachment and pull collar release mechanism, the PCS-Boom Connector provides incredibly fast and easy operation.
The positive ‘click’ on being pressed in and fitted gives you the confidence that it is connected and secure. Releasing is a simple matter of pulling down the outer collar on the PCS-Boom Connector – completely intuitive.

Ingenious design – rigorously tested.

The PCS-Boom Connector has been designed to provide a more convenient way to attach and remove kit on and off your boom pole – whilst also providing a sturdy and quiet connection in use.
We’ve rigorously tested the PCS-Boom Connector in development – exposing it to all sorts of extreme conditions and subjecting it to thousands of operational ‘cycles’ – all to help ensure long and reliable service.

Features and Compatibility

  • Designed for professional boom pole use, with any 3/8” threaded boom pole
  • Intuitive and incredibly easy attachment and release mechanism – for fast and simple swapping of mics (in shock mounts/windshields)
  • Single handed, positive locking operation – just press in and ‘click’ to connect
  • Rock solid and noise free in operation – for audio critical boom pole use
  • Lightweight (only 53g Connector + Tip combined), small and durable
  • Secure locking with 100 Newton maximum load (equivalent to 10kg/22lbs in a fixed position)
  • Made out of robust, high quality materials in neutral colours (black and grey), with non-reflective finish
  • Locks to boom pole without damaging the boom pole thread
  • Designed and made in the UK
  • Extensively tested in Germany
  • Compatible with any make / manufacturer of microphone shock-mount, suspension or windshield kit with a female 3/8″ thread
  • Compatible with any accessories with a female 3/8″ thread (incl. boom poles but also antennas, ‘magic arms’, mic stands, etc.)

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2 Year Warranty