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American DJ Par 46 Gel Pack (Amber/Mauve/Pink/Turquoise)

Model: ADJ CGS-7B

American DJ Par 46 Gel Pack (Amber/Mauve/Pink/Turquoise)
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About: American DJ Par 46 Gel Pack (Amber/Mauve/Pink/Turquoise)

The pre-cut gel paper fits par-46 cans and measures 7"x7". The colors are available in packs.

This package contains amber, turquoise, mauve, and pink.

These gel papers can add great and unique lighting to any show for a minimal cost.

Made of high quality material they are sure to make it through numerous performances and exceed their cost many times over. These are made with professionals in mind. Enjoy the perfect finish for the perfect color and take your show to the next level.

UPC: 819730014801 is a Canadian authorized American DJ retailer.

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