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Antari HZ-500 Pro Hazer in Case

Model: HZ-500

Antari HZ-500 Pro Hazer in Case
Antari HZ-500 Pro Hazer in Case
Antari HZ-500 Pro Hazer in Case
Antari HZ-500 Pro Hazer in Case
Antari HZ-500 Pro Hazer in Case
Antari HZ-500 Pro Hazer in Case
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About: Antari HZ-500 Pro Hazer in Case

Antari is proud to unveil the most up-to-date Hazer with passion, HZ-500, to entertainment industry. This groundbreaking masterpiece created by Antari R&D team is invested with enormous experience in studying and designing haze machines after years of hard work. Therefore,, the performance of HZ-500 is second to none and better than any other hazers on stage. It can work perfectly with laser beam, lighting and bring the best atmospheric effects to all events.

HZ-500 is definitely the best choice for those stage designers, performers, and audiences who are sensitive to surrounding settings. Last but not the least, the extraordinary low haze liquid consumption rate makes HZ-500 more energy-efficient and more environmental-friendly.

Main Features
1. Ideal for all venues where silence is golden. Low-noise: Below 70dB at 10cm distance.
2. Dry haze: the HZ-500 produces very dry haze, which does not generate redundant moisture.
3. Extremely small particulates: HZ-500 makes incredibly tiny particulates. Thus, the haze can be
distributed through air further and faster. In addition, it means a greater hanging time.
4. Metal net and filter in the intake hole can prevent hazers from clogging problems. The metal net
and filter are serviceable which means those can be detached easily and cleaned by water.
5. Super low haze liquid consumption rate: 20 hours / per liter
6. A compact flight case is included making the unit tougher and durable and easy to carry.
7. On-Board DMX; all the DMX requirements are standard to HZ-500

» Power: AC120V @ 60Hz
» Output : 3,000 cu.ft. / min.
» Fluid Tank Capacity : 2.5L
» Fluid Consumption Rate : +20 hours continuous work / per liter
» LCD Timer Panel Controller Included
» Compact Flight Case Included
» Air Pressure : 30 Psi
» Weight : 31.5kg
» Dimension (mm) : L490 x W351 x H338
» Liquids Used : Antari HZL-1 Haze Liquid
» On-board 5-pin DMX.
» Recommended Fluid: American DJ Haze/G

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