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Shurtape 3in Cloth Gaffers Tape (PC628)

Shurtape 3in Cloth Gaffers Tape (PC628)

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About: Shurtape 3in Cloth Gaffers Tape (PC628)

12 mil Industrial grade vinyl-coated cloth tape, available in a wide variety of colors, used for color coding seaming, bundling, and protection. Also used as a gaffer's tape in the Arts & Entertainment industry to hold wiring, lighting, and props.

> Industrial
> Arts & Entertainment
> Commercial

> Protection
> Color coding
> Gaffer's tape


  Standard Metric ASTM Test Method
Tensile Strength 46  lbs/in width 80.6  N/10 mm D 3759
D 3759M
Adhesion to Stainless Steel 50  oz/in width 5.47  N/10 mm D 3330
D 3330M
Thickness 12  mils 0.3  mm D 3652
D 3652M
Elongation 5  % 5  % D 3759
D 3759M
Service Temperature Min 50  °F 10  °C N/A
Service Temperature Max 200  °F 93  °C N/A is a Canadian authorized Shurtape retailer.

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