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Shure WA570A Bodypack Belt Pouch

Model: WA570A

Shure WA570A Bodypack Belt Pouch
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About: Shure WA570A Bodypack Belt Pouch

Neoprene Belt Pouch for Shure Wireless Bodypack Transmitters. Ideal for fitness instructors.

Compatible with: P3R, P9RA, SLX1, ULXD1, QLXD1, GLXD1

UPC: 042406072892 is a Canadian authorized Shure retailer.

Reviews: Shure WA570A Bodypack Belt Pouch

Andrea M. - 06/14/2019

<p>- I didn't like anything about this product</p>

<p>- poor design with no give or stretchy elastic material in the waist - it looks like it is going to break at any given second and if I make it tighter it just comes loose because nothing is holding or preventing it from falling - not durable at seems to be breaking where the clips connect making it so it won't tighten and then falls off because there is nothing holding it in place - and I've only worn it a few times because it does this -There is no velcro to stick around the clips where it can be tighten making it fall off because nothing prevents it from slipping - It falls down my waist where I cannot fix it in a class setting - not an easy setup when you are in action -The flap also covers the on/off switch making it difficult for easy use</p>

<p>- I use this a fitness environment - I paid good money for both of the products - they were a real let down for both armband and body pack - they need a different system to stay up - find a new way to make it with elastic - and where the clips are a way to keep the belt there</p>

Bottom Line:
No, I would not recommend this to a friend

Warranty: Shure WA570A Bodypack Belt Pouch Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

2-year limited

Rechargeable batteries: 1-year limited

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