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Sony VPLFH65/W 6000lm WUXGA 3LCD Installation Projector

Model: VPLFH65/W

Sony VPLFH65/W 6000lm WUXGA 3LCD Installation Projector
Sony VPLFH65/W 6000lm WUXGA 3LCD Installation Projector
Sony VPLFH65/W 6000lm WUXGA 3LCD Installation Projector
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About: Sony VPLFH65/W 6000lm WUXGA 3LCD Installation Projector

Bring presentations to life with impressive brightness and picture quality, plus easy, flexible integration, and powerful picture features.

The VPL-FH65 installation projector is ideal for a wide range of business, education, and entertainment applications. The energy-efficient High Pressure Mercury (HPM) lamp source is teamed with Sony's advanced BrightEra 3LCD projection engine, delivering extremely bright, detail-packed WUXGA resolution images with a generous 6,000 lumens of brightness, and rich, stable colors. Reality Creation and Contrast Enhancer technologies fine-tune image quality even further to assure exceptional clarity, realism, and punch with every presentation.

With a stylish blend-in design, neat cable management, and low fan noise, the VPL-FH65 integrates smoothly into almost any environment — from academic institutions, corporate, medical training, and public sector organizations to visitor attractions and retail spaces. It is easy to set up, thanks to a friendly new installation menu.



  • Very high image quality with BrightEra 3LCD projection engine
    • The energy-efficient High Pressure Mercury (HPM) lamp source is coupled with Sony's acclaimed BrightEra 3LCD projection engine to ensure high 6000 lumen image brightness with vivid, natural color reproduction.
  • Advanced picture refinement technologies
    • Picture quality is boosted by advanced processing featured on Sony home cinema projectors. Reality Creation uses a powerful pattern-matching database to optimize every pixel. Contrast Enhancer actively analyzes and refines dark and light image areas for sparkling highlights and rich, deep blacks.
  • Crisp, detail-packed WUXGA resolution images
    • See the finest detail in PC presentations, videos or multimedia signage with WUXGA (1920 x 1200) 16:10 resolution.
  • Hassle-free automatic filter cleaning
    • Focus on great-looking images instead of arduous maintenance: automated filter cleaning system removes dust every 100 hours.
  • Powered Wide Lens Shift
    • Generous lens shift adjustments give more flexibility for positioning the projector where you need it: close to ceilings or even horizontally offset.
  • Included powered standard zoom lens plus wide choice of lens options
    • Installation flexibility is increased by a wide range of compatible lens options to suit virtually any size of room and throw requirements. New quick-release bayonet mount simpifies quick lens exchange.
  • Supports HDBaseT
    • Simpler, more cost-effective installation and connectivity with digital transmission of HD video, audio and networking/control over a single Ethernet cable.
  • Create super-size displays with Edge Blending
    • Seamlessly join accurately color-matched images from multiple projectors, simplifying creation of stunning super-size displays for corporate and education.
  • Project onto non-flat surfaces with Image Warping
    • Easily correct image geometry for natural-looking projections, even on convex or concave surfaces. Corner and edge correction can be easily adjusted with the supplied remote and on-screen menu.
  • Quiet operation
    • Low fan noise ensures discreet, unobtrusive operation in quiet environments from museums and galleries to lecture theaters.
  • Slim, attractive new blend-in design
    • The slim, stylish case design features a flat top surface that blends in discreetly when the projector is ceiling mounted. The clean appearance is accentuated by a new terminal cover that reduces cable clutter.
  • Choice of Picture Modes
    • New Picture Mode ensures great-looking presentations in a wide range of operating conditions. Select Standard, Dynamic, Brightness Priority or Multi Screen mode for optimized image quality, with any source and in every room.
  • Simple set-up with friendly new Installation menu
    • Easily adjust projector settings with remote commander, including image warping and edge blending.
  • Project Side by Side
    • Project images from two inputs at the same time: ideal for applications such as video conferencing and medical training where two images need to be seen simultaneously.

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Warranty: Sony VPLFH65/W 6000lm WUXGA 3LCD Installation Projector Warranty:

30 Days

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