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NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate (Download)


NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate (Download)
NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate (Download)
NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate (Download)
NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate (Download)
NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate (Download)
NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate (Download)
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About: NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate (Download)

Filters 3 Ultimate includes a range of features that help you achieve your vision while increasing your productivity.

Filters 3 Ultimate Includes:

  • Colorfast - NewBlue ColorFast delivers primary and secondary color correction in a single, simplified workflow.
  • Filters 3 Spectra - NewBlue Filters 3 Spectra delivers a range of 7 video filters that quickly enhance your footage, add tints, diffuse light and more.
  • Filters 3 Chroma - NewBlue Filters 3 Chroma delivers 7 tools to replace color, add a spotlight, recreate a retro look and more.
  • Filters 3 Mythos - NewBlue Filters 3 Mythos delivers 7 tools to defocus your image, create vignettes , simulate old television looks and more

100% GPU Accelerated

Every one of Filters 3 Ultimate’s 23 plugins leverages the power of your graphics card to provide the fastest performance possible. Native CUDA, OpenCL and OpenGL engines allow Filters 3 Ultimate to maximize the performance of your graphics card, regardless of which NLE you use.

Resolution Independent

Whether you’re editing HD, 4K or 5K, Filters 3 Ultimate’s plugins are resolution independent, so that the format you use processes in the native resolution of your project.

Full Customization

Gain complete control over timing, velocity, blending modes and more with every Filters 3 Ultimate plugin, which provide a full range of parameters for each effect. Save time while developing your own style by creating your own customized looks to use again and again.

Native Controls

Your NLE’s native control set displays Filters 3 Ultimate’s parameters, so that you can work with the controls most familiar to you.

Titler Pro Compatible

Not only do Filters 3 Ultimate’s plugins give you a versatile palette of effects for your NLE timeline, they also perform double-duty as plugins in Titler Pro - NewBlue’s powerful titling solution for editors and motion graphic artists alike.

Bleach process images

Transform your digital video into an antique film with Bleach Bypass.

Object color replacement

Change the color of different objects without harshening the raw details with Color Replace.

Color correction and grading

Bring gorgeous color correction and grading to every shot with ColorFast in NewBlue Filters 3. Choose from over 100 presets for a place of inspiration or your final look. Control primary and secondary correction, high/mid/shadow, skin preservation masks and custom shape-matting. Use subtle adjustments to make your image powerful. Dial in wild secondary colors while preserving true skin for an eye-popping effect.

Tri-tone coloring

Experiment with the colors of your image and dramatize your picture with Colorize.

Nighttime color filter

Make your daytime footage look like it was filmed at night with Day for Night.

Light bloom and diffusion control

Create compelling atmospheric effects with Diffusion. Control color, glow and ambience to set the mood. Keep it white and voluminous for a foggy memory. Dial in brilliant colors and a tight pattern to emphasize engine glows, light sources, or auras. 

Glow and diffusion controls

Add an ethereal look to footage with Dream Glow. Control the tint, blur amount and glow preferences to create a surreal atmosphere. Recreate the foggy look of a dream sequence or the distinct visual of night vision goggles.

2 color image processor

Create retro and metallic-looking images with 2 chrome-like colors with Duochrome.

Lens distortion

Turn flat footage into an extreme, wide angle with Fish Eye. Control position, size and distortion to emphasize just what you want. Increase distortion for a convex wide-angle look, or go negative for a concave in-a-fish-bowl feeling.

Frame rate reduction control

Convert live footage into a dynamic sequence of photos with Frame Rate.

Gradient filter

Make your own light-leak effect with Gradient Tint. You can bring out vibrancy in your videos by choosing from a variety of presets. Then adjust gradients, angle, luminance-masking and blending modes for the perfect look.

Saturation level manipulation

Separate your image into saturated regions to correct each area with Saturation Modifier.

Single color isolation

Focus on one color in an image, then make everything else black and white with Selective Color.

Tint controls by region

Color your images in select regions with Selective Tint. Control inner and outer colors with a flexible four-point mask. Create a warm center and desaturated edges to drive focus to your subject. Overlay a color-boost with blending modes for richer skies or greener grass.

De-focus controls

Add polish to your footage with Soft Focus. Control both the defocus and the mix used as you create the look you need. Turn up the blur and keep the mix high to emulate defocused, blurred vision. Reduce the mix while superimposing blurred and sharp images together for a soft and ethereal effect.

Subject and color highlight control

Focus attention and build mood with Spotlight. Control spot shape, tint and edge values to control your audience’s focus. Apply rich tones and vignetting for a vintage look, or desaturate and blur the edges to make your subject even more vibrant.

Color tinting controls

Adjust the color balance and completely transform your video with Tint.

Vignette simulation

Use these preset vignettes to creatively frame your video.

Classic television simulation

Take your content and grunge it up with Old TV in NewBlue Filters 3 Ultimate. Choose from over 10 presets to dial in a certain era, or simply emulate a bad tube. Control scan lines, sync, noise, curvature and color adjustments for a wide range of looks. Turn up the scan lines, phasing and a color-cast for a surveillance monitor. Go crazy with sync issues for an electrical storm.

8-band color modifier

Separate color into eight main channels with Saturation EQ. Control the saturation level of each channel independently, or define your own custom color and range to tweak. Gently boost and suppress certain channels to enhance your image. Cut all channels, except one, to create a B/W look with a single color pop.

Depth of field emulation

Draw attention to subjects and blur distracting backgrounds with Tilt Shift. Control the defocus amount, shape, location, feathering and blur angle. Keep the defocus and spread broad to minimize distracting areas. Place the defocus over your foreground to mimic a shallower depth of field.

Film look imaging tools

Stylize projects with the unique look of film with Film Color. Control tint, contrast, saturation, diffusion and more. Add a subtle tweak to create a bleach bypass, or stylize an entire sequence to achieve an aesthetic worthy of a classic. is a Canadian authorized NewBlueFX retailer.

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