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DVI Parrot - EDID Emulator & problem solver

Model: DVI Parrot

DVI Parrot - EDID Emulator & problem solver
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About: DVI Parrot - EDID Emulator & problem solver

DVI Parrot is used where EDID information can cause problems for your video wall display. The software is a free download and supports both Windows (32bit) and Mac OS.

  • Unique new accessory for the video professional. Allows user-configurable EDID management.
  • Precise analysis and/or control of all EDID parameters via USB. “Trainer” software included – Mac or Windows.
  • Standard EDID library supplied or the user can capture and edit, or create their own EDID profiles from scratch.
  • Profiles can be permanently saved as computer files which can be copied, emailed, archived, etc.
  • Libraries can be imported and exported to share and manage EDID settings.
  • Trainer software supports multiple Parrots for devices with multiple outputs.
  • Accessible Mode button and RGB Status LED provide basic hardware control.
  • Dual-link DVI-I compatible for both high bandwidth digital and analog functionality.
  • DVI powered for spoofing & capture, USB powered for “training” – no additional PSU required.
  • Compatible with VESA EDID 1.3 and EDID Extensions EIA/CEA-861 (HDTV support etc.).
  • Rugged, compact device – only 1.1 inch cable insertion / panel depth.
  • Elegant and cost-effective solution for the real-world challenges faced by today’s video technicians. is a Canadian authorized Brompton Technology retailer.

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