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Kramer 1−port Serial Control Gateway

Model: FC-21ETH

Kramer 1−port Serial Control Gateway
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About: Kramer 1−port Serial Control Gateway

The FC−21ETH is an Ethernet control gateway, capable of plug and play deployment over customer Ethernet LAN for remote control of customer controlled devices via bidirectional RS−232 or RS−485 serial control connections. Multiple control clients can be IP−connected to the FC−22ETH control gateway for concurrent control of one RS−232 or RS−485 controllable device, such as an AV scaler, video display, and audio amplifier.

  • 1 RS−485 or RS−232 Selectable Bidirectional Control Port - Controls a device via bi−directional serial control protocols.
  • 1 Ethernet Control Port - Remote protocol−based control port.
  • Built−in Web Pages - Remote browser−based control and support.
  • Simultaneous IP Control Communication - With up to 40 IP control clients.
  • Mini USB Port - For firmware upgrades and local technical services.
  • Easy Installation - Plug & play IP auto−setup deployment for simple and cost−reducing installation.
  • Size - TOOLS - Mount 3 units side-by-side in a 1U rack space with the optional RK-3T rack adapter.


  • Remote IP control of serial controlled devices
  • K-Touch multi-clients IP room control
  • LAN-based expansion of K-Config control system

Quick Facts

  • 1 Bidirectional RS−485 or RS−232 port
  • 1 Ethernet port
  • Built−in control and support Web pages
  • Size − TOOLS™

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