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Avenview 1080p HDMI Digital Signage Player w/ Live Input

Model: MP-1080HDMVL

Avenview 1080p HDMI Digital Signage Player w/ Live Input
Avenview 1080p HDMI Digital Signage Player w/ Live Input
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About: Avenview 1080p HDMI Digital Signage Player w/ Live Input

Printed signs are something from the past. Avenview HDMI Digital Signage Player delivers hardware HD video playback for smooth 1080p video with live video input from any HDMI source as a cable box or Blu-ray player with an advanced onboard processing power for stunning HTML5 content playback. MP-1080HDMVL is a plug and play device with no setup required, Plug in power, network and HDMI, and its ready to play contents on any display. The MP-1080HDMVL is fanless, with its specially designed casing and smart ventilation architecture it says cool 24/7. Avenview digital signage player features a built-in self-recovery function (SRF) that keep things running regardless of conditions (sudden reboots or temporary power outage). It includes a micro-SD slot expandable up to 32GB for longer presentations. The MP-1080HDMVL has a unique feature which does not lock the user to a specific software to create contents, we partnered with the most prominent digital signage content management software developers such as Scala, SignageLive, PosterDigital and much more which are all fully compatible with the MP-1080HDMVL. So, users are free to use any software they prefer with the MP-1080HDMVL.

The HDM-1080HDMVL is great for any application from menu boards, hospitality screens, campus signage, and corporate communications. It handles any Full HD application with ease. It’s great for retail applications as well, driving digital posters and other screens.


  • Live video input allows mixing created content with live channels or video players on one screen
  • Always On with App Lock feature to prevent unauthorized access
  • HTML5 technologies including CSS and Javascript
  • Widgets for calendar, clock, news, weather, and web page integration with the ability to add custom created widgets
  • Multi-zone screen layout, transparent PNG overlay, and graphical scrolling ticker
  • Auto-play starts playing scheduled contents automatically when powered on
  • Fanless (zero noise) with built-in 16 GB SSD storage
  • Automatic error recovery with built-in WDT
  • Real-time clock with backup clock battery
  • AV SignPRO PC Software to create media content with the ability to use third-party solutions (optional license)
  • Micro SD card slot (support up to 32GB storage)
  • Strong Cache for continued playback even when network is not available
  • Built-in wall mount bracket
  • 3 years warranty

UPC: 606825938049

Reviews: Avenview 1080p HDMI Digital Signage Player w/ Live Input

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Warranty: Avenview 1080p HDMI Digital Signage Player w/ Live Input Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

For a period of three years from the date of purchase, if a product is determined to be defective, Avenview will repair or replace the product, at its option, at no charge. After this warranty period, you must pay for all labor charges.

In addition, Avenview will supply, at no charge, new or rebuilt replacements in exchange for defective parts for a period of three years. After the warranty period, you must pay for all parts costs.
Avenview's warranty covers products that have been deemed defective and do no work properly. However, some actions - particularly unauthorized use - will result in this warranty becoming void. Additionally, circumstances under which the malfunctions occur must fall under certain conditions. The instances that are not covered by the warranty are constituted by - but are not limited to - the following:

  • Cosmetic damage
  • Damage from acts of God, accident, misuse, abuse or negligence
  • Modification of or to any part of the product
  • Improper installation
  • Loss of use of the product or wasted programming charges due to product malfunction
  • Damage due to improper operation or maintenance
  • Connection of the product to improper voltage supply
  • Attempted repair by anyone other than a facility authorized by Avenview to service the product.