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Magewell XI100USB-PRO USB3.0 HDMI/SDI/DVI/VGA Capture

Model: XI-100-X-USB-PRO-PNP

Magewell XI100USB-PRO USB3.0 HDMI/SDI/DVI/VGA Capture
Magewell XI100USB-PRO USB3.0 HDMI/SDI/DVI/VGA Capture
Magewell XI100USB-PRO USB3.0 HDMI/SDI/DVI/VGA Capture
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About: Magewell XI100USB-PRO USB3.0 HDMI/SDI/DVI/VGA Capture

The Magewell XI100USB-Pro is a Plug'n'Play capture interface with support for 3G/HD/SD-SDI, HDMI, DVI, VGA, YPbPr and CVBS with unbalanced stereo audio.

USB3.0 Interface

XI100XUSB-PRO PnP supports UVC protocol, which enables Plug-and-Play on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X. Its actual data transmission rate is up to 390 MB/S.

Various HD and SD inputs

By XI100XUSB-PRO (PnP), you can capture various kinds of SD and HD video, including SDI (3G/HD/SD) , HD inputs such as DVI, HDMI and analog inputs such as VGA and YPbPr. You can also connect to SD devices to capture S-video, CVBS and so on. You can capture nearly all the inputs by just using one XI100XUSB-PRO capture box.

Professional Video Processing

With FPGA on the board, XI100XUSB-PRO (PnP) has powerful image control ability. The following work are fully done by FPGA causing zero CPU usage, including scaling or clipping the high-quality input, or converting its color space, removing the black edges, automatically detecting the interlaced video source and de-interlacing it.

Endless pursuit of clarity

Teeth may appear in image in fast motion in interlaced videos. XI100XUSB-PRO (PnP) automatically selects the suitable deinterlacing method, which is either line filtering or single field deinterlacing, so that sharpness and clarity of the image are improved.

XI100XUSB-PRO (PnP) offers auto phase-correction function to handle VGA videos. As a result, the words in captured videos have sharper edges and are much more legible.

Accurate Image Color

XI100XUSB-PRO (PnP) uses a new video processing pipeline which is able to process videos with color space being both RGB and YUV. Depending on the setting of the input and output, it minimize the conversion between RGB to avoid color loss in YUV videos as much as possible. Currently, the new pipeline can process four different color spaces including YUV601, YUV709, Studio RGB and Computer RGB.

Multiple Types of Outputs

XI100XUSB-PRO (Pnp) supports the following output settings:

  • YUY2:4:2:2 packed format. 16 bits/pixel
  • NV12:4:2:0 planar format, 12 bits/pixel, suitable for GPU encoders
  • I420:4:2:0 planar format,12 bits/pixel,suitable for software encoders
  • RGB24:4:4:4 format ,24 bits/pixel

Compatibility with more software and systems

It adopts standard development interface and is based on audio and video capture interface of DirectShow Filter and audio capture interface of DirectSound. It is based on IKsPropertySet expansion interface and it’s compatible with more software, like Windows Media Encoder, Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder, Real Producer Plus, VideoLAN for Windows.

XI100XUSB-PRO (PnP) can run stably on Windows and Linux. In addition, it is perfectly compatible with Mac OS X.

Firmware Update

You can update Magewell processing engines by firmware and driver update without replacing the hardware. It can achieve the result of hardware update even if the chips remain unchanged. If you purchased an XI100XUSB-PRO before XI100XUSB-PRO (PnP) has been launched, you can download the new firmware by yourself from Download page and update to PnP version. Similarly, you can download the firmware for XI100XUSB-PRO to downgrade.


  • XI100XUSB Capture Box
  • DVI-I to HDMI + YPbPr breakout cable
  • DVI-I to VGA adapter
  • DB9 to YPbPr + CVBA + S-Video + Stereo Audio breakout cable
  • USB 3.0 Cable

UPC: 8143950200044 is a Canadian authorized Magewell retailer.

Reviews: Magewell XI100USB-PRO USB3.0 HDMI/SDI/DVI/VGA Capture

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Warranty: Magewell XI100USB-PRO USB3.0 HDMI/SDI/DVI/VGA Capture Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

  • The period of limited warranty for capture cards, compression cards, video recording machines, cyber video servers is one year.
  • The period of limited warranty for the accessory switching cable, adapter is one year.
  • The accessory Low-Profile baffle plate does not qualify for warranty.