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Tilta Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System

Model: GR-V02

Tilta Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System
Tilta Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System
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About: Tilta Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System

The Tiltamax Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System uses the same technology as the Tiltamax Gravity 3-Axis gimbal to stabilize camera systems but in a smaller, more compact setup. With a maximum payload of up to 8 lbs, this gimbal is ideal for DSLRs, mirrorless cameras, smartphones, and GoPros.

The Gravity G2X features a 45 degree-angled roll motor, which gives you more room to balance longer camera setups. This angled design also allows for unobstructed viewing of your camera’s monitor.

The gimbal allows for full 360 degree rotation on the pan and tilt axes as well as 60 degree rotation to the left and right on the roll axis.

Four distinct operation modes are available: pan and tilt follow mode, tilt lock mode, fully stabilized mode, and roll lock mode. These modes plus the ability to undersling your camera give you endless possibilities to achieve whatever shot you have in mind.

The Gravity G2X is powered off of four 18650 rechargeable batteries which last up to 10 hours of operation when fully charged (batteries not included). A 14.8V DC in/output port at the base of the pan motor allows for alternative ways to power your gimbal and also provides a way to power external accessories through the gimbal itself. A 5V Mini USB port on the tilt motor allows you to easily power the motor for the upcoming Nucleus Nano remote follow focus.

The sliding quick release plate of the Gravity G2X is a standard Manfrotto plate which allows you to quickly and easily slide off of the gimbal and mount to a Manfrotto tripod in no time. Arri Standard Rosette connections on the left and right side of the gimbal allow you to mount a variety of handles and/or rosette-based accessories to the gimbal.

On all of the G2X gimbal arms, a 7-11cm measuring scale makes repetitive balancing a thing of the past. Balance your camera once, remember your marks, and repeat with ease each time you need to re-balance the same camera package.

Press the power button on your gimbal three times consecutively to auto calibrate the gimbal, which works to sense the camera payload and then configures the motors to your camera package’s ideal operating settings. This auto-calibration quickly sets you up to be operation-ready in a few seconds but you can further customize your settings with the Tilta Assistant App (available for iOS & Android). This app allows you to adjust each motor’s torque, dead zone, acceleration, and speed for your specific needs. It also lets you set up a wireless timelapse mode as well as a way to control the axes of the gimbal remotely. The app also acts as a simple way to wirelessly update the firmware of your Gravity G2X.


  • (1) Tiltamax Gravity G2X handheld 3-axis gimbal
  • (1) Quick-release Manfrotto standard baseplate
    • (1) Riser
    • (1) Lens support
  • (1) Brazilian rosewood pistol grip handle
  • (1) Pistol grip handle balancing plate
  • (1) Tilta 18650 quad battery charger (Batteries NOT included)
  • (1) Multi-head screwdriver

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Reviews: Tilta Gravity G2X Compact Handheld Gimbal System

Alan W. - 09/14/2019

Really intended for those who have some experience with gimbals but is for larger (heavier) cameras, is weighty and robust and looks really good aesthetically.

Needs experience to calibrate and to fine tune, not something that is ready out of the box. Once settings, calibration and tuning is done for a particular camera set up, it runs really well. Not recommended for those who need to change camera settings in the field.

This is my third gimbal, I have one from Varavon, Zhiyun and now I own the Tilta G2X. I bought it to experiment with and challenged myself against all the poor reviews out there. I spent 3 hours working on the set up, calibration, etc. It is now perfect, I am happy with my purchase. I also have the Nucleus Nano which I have used for my other gimbals.
I'm an amateur videographer and hobbyist, I enjoy tinkering with things, including gimbals. If you approach the G2X with patience and expectation that you will not be able to use it straight out of the box, I would strongly recommend his product, especially if one has other Tilta products. I am now eyeing the Armor Man as my next purchase.

Bottom Line:
Yes, I would recommend this to a friend