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JVC BN-S8I50 7.2V/6.6Ah Lithium Ion Battery

Model: JVC BN-S8I50

JVC BN-S8I50 7.2V/6.6Ah Lithium Ion Battery
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About: JVC BN-S8I50 7.2V/6.6Ah Lithium Ion Battery

The BN-S8I50 is a 7.2V, 47Wh, 6.6Ah Li-ion battery compatible with JVC's GY-HM200/600/650 and GY-LS300 cameras and DT-X Series monitors. It features a 4-level LED indicator can give you a quick view of remaining power before using, strong housing, and an intelligent circuit that protects the battery from abnormal current, voltage and temperature.

The battery offers a 5.5mm standard DC output socket to power on-camera devices while attached to the camera and a 5V/1A USB socket for mobile devices (cell phone etc) charging. It can be charged by the ProHD dual channel scharger/adaptor AA-S3602I as well as the TC-400-JVC650 and LC-2J chargers.

Key Features:

- 7.2V nominal voltage
- 47Wh / 6.6Ah capacity
- Compatible with JVC GY-HM600/650.
- Display remaining power info on camera
- 4-level LED power indicator
- 7.2V Pole DC output
- 5V/1A USB charging output is a Canadian authorized JVC Professional retailer.

Reviews: JVC BN-S8I50 7.2V/6.6Ah Lithium Ion Battery

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Warranty: JVC BN-S8I50 7.2V/6.6Ah Lithium Ion Battery Warranty:

30 Days

Manufacturer's Warranty:

1 year limited warranty.

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