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Meyer Sound MM-4XP Miniature Self-Powered Loudspeakers - White


Meyer Sound MM-4XP Miniature Self-Powered Loudspeakers - White
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About: Meyer Sound MM-4XP Miniature Self-Powered Loudspeakers - White

Meyer Sound designed the MM‐4XP self‐powered miniature loudspeaker (with IntelligentDC technology) for high‐quality distributed systems. Housed in a compact aluminum enclosure, the MM‐4XP is especially suitable for installations involving space limitations and visibility concerns, such as fill and spot coverage, and hidden locations like chancel steps in houses of worship. Its flexible and easy‐to‐configure mounting options, as well as its ability to effortlessly reproduce both speech and music, make it an excellent choice for fixed applications, theatrical presentations (stage lip frontfill), and small portable systems for corporate AV.

  • Extremely compact enclosure
  • Self‐powered
  • Wide‐range frequency response
  • Ultra‐low distortion
  • Effortless reproduction of both speech and music
  • Exceptional SPL to size ratio
  • Support for long cable runs with light‐gauge cables

The MM‐4XP’s proprietary 4‐inch cone transducer with on‐board amplification and signal processing, manufactured at Meyer Sound’s Berkeley, California factory, delivers an impressive linear peak SPL of 111.5 dB with crest factor >16.5 dB4 and a wide operating frequency range of 120 Hz to 18 kHz with very low distortion. The MM‐4XP exhibits the same high intelligibility and flat frequency and phase responses for which all Meyer Sound loudspeakers are known. Peak and rms limiters regulate loudspeaker temperatures and excursion, ensuring the MM‐4XP performs exceedingly well even when driven into overload.

With IntelligentDC technology, the MM‐4XP receives power and balanced audio from a SwitchCraft EN3 5‐pin male input connector on its rear panel. Meyer Sound designed the MM‐4XP’s amplifier and signal‐processing circuits to store DC power and tolerate voltage drops, thereby accommodating light‐gauge cables and long cable runs.

MM‐4XP loudspeakers require a Meyer Sound external power supply. The compatible MM‐10 ACX miniature self‐powered subwoofer includes on‐board DC power and audio routing for driving a pair of MM‐4XP miniature loudspeakers. The MPS‐488HP

IntelligentDC power supply is ideal for larger installations with multiple loudspeakers; the single‐space rack‐mount unit distributes DC power and balanced audio to up to eight MM‐4XP loudspeakers or other compatible Meyer Sound low‐voltage loudspeakers. Another option is the 1RU, 1/2‐width, rack‐mount MPS‐482HP IntelligentDC power supply that offers two channels of audio and DC power.

Meyer Sound’s RMS remote monitoring system, which provides comprehensive monitoring of system parameters from a Mac or Windows‐based computer, is available as an option for the MPS‐488HP.

The Meyer Sound power supplies can deliver DC power to MM‐4XP loudspeakers at cable lengths up to 300 feet with just 1 dB of loss in peak SPL using 18 AWG wire. The use of composite multi‐conductor cables (such as Belden 1502 or equivalent) allows a single cable to carry both DC power and balanced audio to the MM‐4XP. Longer cable lengths are possible for moderate applications that do not drive the loudspeakers to maximum output, or for installations with heavier gauge wire. Powering the MM‐4XP from a unipolar external power source reduces induced noise significantly and eliminates the need for wiring conduits. For information and specifications about the Meyer Sound power supplies, refer to their respective datasheets.

The MM‐4XP’s extruded aluminum enclosure acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat from the driver’s voice coil. The enclosure is available in a black‐anodized or standard white‐painted finish and includes a perforated steel grille frame. The enclosure can also be custom painted to match specific color schemes. The optional MUB‐MM4XP U‐bracket facilitates mounting of the loudspeaker on walls and ceilings at adjustable angles.

Extremely Compact Size for Small Spaces

  • MM-4XP: EFFORTLESSLY AMPLIFY SPEECH AND MUSIC - Fill and spot coverage for systems with space limitations and visibility concerns such as clubs, restaurants, portable AV, or galleries or museum displays.
  • MM-4XPD: DIRECTIONAL SPEAKER FOR HIGHLY REVERBERANT SPACES - Specifically designed for high-quality distributed systems in reverberant spaces, the directional polar pattern of the MM-4XPD, especially at low frequencies, significantly reduces room excitation and increases intelligibility.
  • COVERAGE PATTERNS - Patent-pending technology yields a high degree of attenuation between the front and rear of the loudspeaker, achieving a directional polar response using passive acoustical techniques, with the MM-4XP having the added advantage of a hypercardioid coverage pattern.
  • CONE TRANDUCER - The MM loudspeakers feature a single 4-inch cone transducer, designed and manufactured at Meyer Sound's Berkeley, California factory, delivering an impressive maximum peak SPL of 113 dB and a wide operating frequency range of 120 Hz to 18 kHz with very low distortion.
  • SELF-POWERED ADVANTAGE - Self-powered technology eliminates amplifier racks, long loudspeaker cables, and any calibration of gain and crossover settings. The system can be rigged and ready in minutes.

Installation and Power

  • TOUGH AND LIGHT ENCLOSURE - The MM-4's extruded aluminum enclosure acts as a heat sink to dissipate heat from the driver's voice coil, and is available in a black anodized or standard white painted finish and includes a perforated steel grille frame. It can also be custom painted to match specific color schemes.
  • EFFICIENT AND COMPACT - Patent-pending, passive, single-driver directional technology minimizes energy consumption, weight, and cabinet volume. The optional U-bracket mounts the loudspeaker on walls and ceilings at adjustable angles.
  • POWER SUPPLY MEANS NO CONDUITS - Powering the MM-4XP from a unipolar external power source reduces induced noise significantly and eliminates the need for wiring conduits.

Why Self-Powered?

Self-powered loudspeakers offer several advantages over their passive counterparts when it comes to fidelity, reliability, and simplicity. The great part is, you’ll start to reap the benefits of a self-powered system before you even power up.

Ease of Deployment

System set-up is so much easier when you have fewer components and fewer cables to worry about being miswired. Since self-powered loudspeakers incorporate amplification, you’ll never have to deal with matching speakers to amplifiers or connecting components. You don’t have to worry about calibration of gain and crossover setting which means more time focusing on the show. Eliminating amp racks doesn’t just streamline system deployment, it streamlines your inventory whether you’re a rental house or a road warrior. And when you consider that the average amp rack weighs nearly 300 pounds and takes up four feet of truck space, the efficiencies get even clearer. Let alone when you want to fly the amplifier racks to get closer to the speakers, often requiring more rigging points and more motors.

Predictable, Reliable Operation

Internal amplification is closely matched to drivers. Because individual components have been optimized during manufacturing, you can expect consistent sound from show to show. Built-in, factory-optimized protection circuitry provides extra assurance without degrading signal quality. And, when you have less equipment, you have less risk of failure.

Better Frequency and Phase Response

Because self-powered loudspeakers incorporate sophisticated processing, they are calibrated to exhibit optimal response curves in key performance parameters. Active crossovers are more precise, sophisticated designs, and bi-amped systems are time aligned, eliminating phase issues. The result? Accurate sound throughout the speaker’s range, at any volume level.

Unparalleled Clarity

In powered monitors, internal amplifiers are precision-matched to drivers, delivering optimal power at all times for cleaner sound. And because amps are built into loudspeaker cabinets, there’s no need for long lengths of connecting cable, which can become prone to distortion and signal loss.

Tighter Transients

Since self-powered loudspeakers have very short internal cables, amps inside can more effectively dampen driver mechanical motion, which leads to better sonic accuracy and tighter, crisper transients. (And, there’s none of the loss in levels and signal quality inherent over long cable distances.)


    • Operating Frequency Range -  120 Hz – 18 kHz
    • Frequency Response -  135 Hz – 17 kHz ±4 dB
    • Phase Response -  400 Hz – 20 kHz ±45°
    • Linear Peak SPL 
      • 111.5 dB with crest factor >16.5 dB (M-noise)
      • 109 dB (Pink noise), 111 dB (B‐noise)
    • Horizontal Coverage -  80° (3 kHz – 14 kHz ±10°); 120° (below 2 kHz) 
    • Vertical Coverage -  80° (3 kHz – 14 kHz ±10°); 120° (below 2 kHz)
    • One 4‐inch cone driver; 4 Ω nominal impedance
    • Type -  Differential, electronically balanced
    • Maximum Common Mode Range -  ±5 V DC
    • Connector -  SwitchCraft EN3 5‐pin male (two pins for 48 V DC power, three pins for balanced audio)
    • Input Impedance -  10 kΩ electronically balanced
    • Wiring
      • Pin 1: DC power (–)
      • Pin 2: DC power (+)
      • Pin 3: Audio shield, chassis/earth Pin 4: Audio (‐)
      • Pin 5: Audio (+)
    • Nominal Input Sensitivity -  –2.5 dBV (0.75 V rms) continuous average is typically the onset of limiting for noise and music
    • Input Level -  Audio source must be capable of producing +16 dBV (6.3 V rms) into 50 Ω to produce the maximum peak SPL over the operating bandwidth of the loudspeaker
    • Type -  Class-D
    • Total Output Power -  440 W peak
    • THD, IM, TIM -  < 0.02%
    • Cooling -  Convection
    • Connector -  SwitchCraft EN3 5-pin male (two pins for 48 V DC power, three pins for balanced audio)
    • Safety Agency Rated Voltage -  48 V DC
    • Dimensions (WxHxD) -  4 x 4 x 5.72 inch (103 x 103 x 145mm)
    • Weight -  4.2 lb (1.9 kg)
    • Enclosure -  Sealed extruded aluminum with standard white-painted or a black-anodized finish
    • Protective Grille -  Perforated steel
    • Mounting -  Two 3/8‐inch – 16 side inserts; optional MUB‐MM4XP U‐bracket

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