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FiiO F9 Pro In-Ear Headphones

Model: F9-PRO

FiiO F9 Pro In-Ear Headphones
FiiO F9 Pro In-Ear Headphones
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About: FiiO F9 Pro In-Ear Headphones

The F9 Pro utilises a hybrid design in which each channel is composed of one dynamic and two balanced armature (BA) drivers. The 9.2mm dynamic driver is specifically tuned to produce bottomless lows while the two BA drivers utilising the American brand Knowles' 30017 Balanced Armature Drivers, which precisely portray extended upper-mids and highs.

Knowles Dual Balanced Armature Drivers

Carrying Knowles TWFK-30017-000 dual balanced armature drivers, the F9 Pro can provide high resolution and optimized sound layers, making you experience the details to the fullest. The FiiO F9 Pro Earphones are Hi-Res Audio certified. This means that the F9 Pro is capable of a frequency response up to 40kHz, which can fully reproduce your audio and give you a natural and life-like listening experience that truly lets you listen to the music the way the artists wanted it to sound.

Scientifically tuned based on physics and psychoacoustics

FiiO achieved maximum performance from the F9's drivers by looking to the laws and principles of physics and psychoacoustics when designing this product. By doing so, the drivers are able to work in perfect harmony to achieve a cohesive sound, allowing for a frequency response from 15Hz to 40kHz.

Freely Switch Between Balanced and Single-Ended with Standard MMCX Connectors

The F9 Pro utilizes the standard MMCX connector for its interchangeable cales, and comes with both a 2.5mm balanced and 3.5mm single-ended cables.

The 2.5mm balanced cable is made of silver plated copper wire, which ensures a balanced sound signature and a high level of detail retrieval. A balanced cable provides greater channel separation, leading to a richer, more detailed musical experience.

The 3.5mm single-ended cable comes with a full set of in-line controls capable of playing/pausing songs, switching tracks, volume adjustment, and even calls with its high-quality microphone.


The ripple-like lines on the F9 Pro not only give it a unique touch, but also serve to ensure the structural strength and maximize the amount of space interally for a more optimised design overall. Moreover, the inside layer of the F9 Pro's shell is specially lined with plastic to both better secure the drivers and eliminate internal resonances.

You would never imagine that such a grand sound could come from something as tiny as the F9 Pro. The F9 Pro's outer aluminium shell is meticulously crafted using CNC systems. The shells are then carefully hand polished and matched before going through sandblasting and anodization. There is a blue metal ring on the left MMCX connector and a red on the right for easily distinguishing between the two channels.


  • 1 Dynamic Driver and 2 Balanced Armatures for Triple Helpings of Rich Sound
  • Knowles Dual Balanced Armature Drivers, for an improved sound over the other earphones in the F9 range.
  • Scientifically tuned based on physics and psychoacoustics
  • Freely Switch Between Balanced and Single-Ended with Standard MMCX Connectors

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