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AKG K 3003I 3-Way Reference Quality Earphones

Model: K3003I

AKG K 3003I 3-Way Reference Quality Earphones
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About: AKG K 3003I 3-Way Reference Quality Earphones

The K3003 earphones combine high sound quality, premium-quality materials, state-of-the-art technology and unique, personalized sound tuning.

Building on decades of AKG breakthroughs in audio technology, we've combined scientific know-how with premium materials to produce our K3003 reference-class 3-way earphones. The K3003s' stainless-steel housing is robustly durable, timeless in appearance and easy to maintain – and it quickly adapts to your body temperature for comfortable use indoors or outside.

The K3003 earphones set a new benchmark in audio quality. By pioneering the hybrid of one dynamic and two balanced-armature drivers in each earphone, AKG engineers have created perfectly balanced 3-way earphones with ultralow distortion, accurate mids and crystal-clear highs.

The combination of dynamic bass and dual balanced-armature drivers gives the K3003s excellent audio performance as well as matchless mechanical design. Due to the positioning of the speakers (the dynamic driver is behind the dual balanced-armature driver), the K3003s don't need any additional frequency switches. The result: less potential interference.

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Warranty: AKG K 3003I 3-Way Reference Quality Earphones Warranty:

30 Days

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