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Symetrix Voice Processor 2x DSP


Symetrix Voice Processor 2x DSP
Symetrix Voice Processor 2x DSP
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About: Symetrix Voice Processor 2x DSP

The microphone is a crucial link to the audience. Proper management of that link is essential. The AirTools Voice Processor 2x is an outstanding programmable microphone processor that is flexible, powerful, and easy to use.

  • Two independently programmable channels of ultra-low latency digital mic processing in one rack space.
  • 2 mic/line inputs, word clock input, 2 mic/line outputs, 2 AES-3 outputs.
  • DSP specifically tailored for voice processing –  compression, EQ, de-essing, downward expansion, high and low pass filters, waveform symmetry.
  • Named presets for each on-air personality – up to 50.
  • Recall presets from the front panel or remotely.


Nominal Input Level +4 dBu or -10 dBV line level, to -50 dBu mic level (software selectable) with 20 dB of headroom.
Maximum Input Level +23 dBu.
Input Impedance 6.67 kΩ balanced, > 3.3 kΩ unbalanced
CMRR > 75 dB @ 1 kHz, unity gain.
Mic Pre-amp EIN > -127 dB, 22 Hz - 22 kHz, 100 Ω source impedance.
Phantom Power +48 VDC.
A/D Conversion 24-bit delta/sigma.
A/D Dynamic Range 116 dB (A-Weighted).
A/D THD+Noise -102 dB (un-weighted); 1 kHz @ -2 dBFS with 0 dB gain.
A/D Latency 0.25 mS.


Nominal Sampling Rate 48 kHz.
Word Clock Input Range 22 - 192 KHz
A/D/A Frequency Response 20 Hz - 20 kHz, +/- 0.25 dB.
A/D/A Dynamic Range 113 dB (A-Weighted).
A/D/A Latency < 0.7 mS; with all DSP active.
Interchannel Crosstalk -90 dB @ 1 kHz, typical.


Nominal Output Level Analog +4 dBu line level with 20 dB of headroom.
Nominal Output Level Digital -20 dBFS. For unbalanced analog output, float (do not connect) the minus output terminal. Unbalanced usage results in 6 dB lower output level.
Maximum Output Level Analog +24 dBu. Digital: 0 dBFS.
Output Impedance Analog 200 Ω balanced, 100 Ω unbalanced. Digital: 110 Ω.
D/A Conversion 24-bit delta/sigma.
D/A Dynamic Range 114 dB (A-Weighted).
D/A THD+N -98 dB (un-weighted); 1 kHz @ -2 dBFS.
D/A Latency 0.2 mS.
Mic Level Output Pad (Internal) -42 dB.

Mechanical Data

Space Required 1U (WDH: 48.02 cm x 23.11 cm x 4.37 cm / 18.91 in x 9.1 in x 1.72 in), depth is specified from front panel to back of connectors. Allow at least 3 inches additional clearance for rear panel connections. Additional depth may be required depending upon your specific wiring and connections.
Electrical 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, 25 Watts maximum. No line voltage switching required.
Ventilation Maximum recommended ambient operating temperature is 30 C / 86 F. Ensure that the left and right equipment sides are unobstructed (5.08 cm, 2 in minimum clearance). The ventilation should not be impeded by covering the ventilation openings with items such as newspapers, tablecloths, curtains, etc.
Certifications UL 60065, cUL 60065, IEC 60065, EN 55103-1, EN 55103-2, FCC Part 15, RoHS.
Weight 8 lbs. (3.60 kg). is a Canadian authorized Symetrix retailer.

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